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Leonard's Auction Service Inc.
Phenomenal Online Only Vintage Car, Motorcycle & Audio Equipment Auction December 6, 2020 at 1PM! - 12/6/2020

Item Description
1.Vivid Splendor by David C. Miller
2.Acoustat Trans Nova Twin Amp 200
3.Acoustat Trans Nova Twin Amp 200
4.Crown OC 150 a speaker selector
5.Crown PSA2 Self Analyzing Amp
6.Crown PSA2 Self Analyzing Amp
7.Crown Interface Amp Delta Omega 2000
8.Large Floor Speakers 24"W x 27"D x 40"H
9.Denon CD Player DCD-3560
10.Shure Home Theater Sound (HTS Surround Audio Processor)
11.Velodyne Speaker/Sub Box, New Blank Cassette Tapes and Cases
12.Linear Power Model 150 Stereo Power Amp, Ultra-FI In-Dash Cassette Stereo With Manuals
13.Crown DC300A Dual Channel Laboratory Amplifier
14.Crown DC300A Series II Dual Channel Laboratory Amplifier
15.Miscellaneous Audio Electronic Parts
16.Crown D-75A 2-Channel Power Amplifier
17.Marchand Model XM16 Electronic Crossover Network
18.Conrad-Johnson PV10A Stereo Tube Preamplifier
19.LSR&D Model 202 Leach Preamp
20.Audio Control 2XS Electronic Crossover
21.Antenna, Power Boxes
22.Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT210
23.2 Threshold DC Power Source Modules
24.Escort Passport 5000 Radar Detector
25.JVC HR-S5500U Super HI-FI VHS Player with Remote and Manual
26.Audio Linear TD 4001 Turntable with Sound Disc Glass Turntable Mat
27.TV Stand
28.Mini DSP Digital Signal Processors
29.Denon DCD 1520 CD Player with Remote
30.Conrad-Johnson PV10A Stereo Tube Preamplifier
31.Treshold Model PCX Electronic Crossover
32.Treshold Model PCX Electronic Crossover
33.Magnum Dynalab FM Signal Sleuth
34.Magnum Dynalab FT 101 Analog FM Tuner
35.Eumig FL-1000up Hi-FI Stereo Three Head Cassette Deck
36.Robert Gradowsky Signature Series One Dynamic Range Expander
37.Allison Acoustics The Electronic Subwoofer Audio Bandpass Filter and Bass Equalizer
38.Denon PCM Audio Technology/CD Player DCD-1500 with Remote
39.Sound Concepts SD550 Time Delay Mixer
40.Music Reference RM-4 preamplifier
41.LSR&D 101 Leach AMP
42.Conrad-Johnson PV2Ar Stereo Tube Preamp
43.Crown DC-300A Power Amplifier
44.Acoustat Trans-Nova Twin 200 Pure Mos-Fet Power Amplifier
45.Crown CH1 Power Amplifier
46.Crown PSA-2 Self Analyzing Amplifier
47.Crown PSA-2 Self Analyzing Amplifier
48.Crown D-75 2 Channel Power Amp
49.Applied Research and Technology Smart Power SP 4x4 Power Distribution Unit
50.Magnum Dynalab FT 101A Analog FM Tuner
51.RG Dynamic Processor
52.Crown PSA-2 Self Analyzing Amplifier
53.Crown Delta Omega 2000 Interface Velocity Controlled Amplifier
54.Allison Acoustics Serial No. C 3969 Speakers 40"H x 16"W x 10"D
55.Acoustat Magne-Kinetic Interface Speakers Total height 69" Total Width 28" Top Thickness 3 3/4" Bottom: Depth 20" Height 19"
56.Pioneer Auto Tuning Receiver Model SX-2500, Sansui Solid State 2000X Stereo Tuner Amplifier, Criterion 77 Speakers
57.Hanson Screw Extension Set and Craftsman 5 piece Screw Extractor Kit
58.Craftsman SAE Ratchet Wrenches
59.Craftsman SAE Ratchet Wrenches
60.Craftsman Allen Wrenches Craftsman 8 piece Openend Ignition Wrench Set Brinkmann Flashlight, Stanley Utility Knife
61.Craftsman Adjustable Pliers
62.Craftsman Wire Cutters, Snips, Pliers
63.Craftsman Vise Grips
64.Precision Screwdrivers, Temperature Gauge, Screws, F Connectors, Master Locks
65.Craftsman Screwdrivers
66.Craftsman Screwdrivers
67.Craftsman and Bondhus Allen Wrenches
68.Stanley Level Ruler, Allen, Eklind and Bondhus Hex Key Sets
69.Craftsman Metric Sockets
70.NSK Japan Caliper Micrometer
71.Calipers, Frick Company Advertising Ruler, Fire Starter, Utility Knife
72.Electrical Tape, Pipe Tape, Eveready Flashlight, Putty Knives, Safety Goggles, Misc
73.Chisels and Punches
74.Drill Bits, Stanley Hand Saw, Saw Blades
75.Champion Drill Bit Index with Bits
76.Pittsburgh Retaining Ring Pliers
77.Craftsman Hand Saw, Hammer, Soldering Wire, Auto Burns Tip, Propane Fuel Cylinder, Puller
78.Starrett S-828H Center Finder Complete
79.Lufkin Inside Micrometer
80.DoAll Gages 37 Gage Blocks
81.Starrett No. S 154 L Parrallels Set of Six
82.CRAFTSMAN SAE Saltus Swivel Socket, Flex-Head Wrench Set
83.Craftsman SAE Wrenches
84.Craftsman SAE Wrenches
85.Craftsman SAE Wrenches
86.Craftsman and Other Hammers
87.Craftsman Hammers
88.Vintage Punch and Pittsburgh Punch Sets
89.Craftsman Suction Tools, Pittsburgh Tape Measure, Hand Saw, Jegs Screwdriver, Scrapers, Air Pressure Gauge, Misc
90.Central Tools Range Dial Indicator Set
91.Starrett Dial Test Indicator EDP 50697
92.Indicol No. 200 Bridgeport "J" Head Size Universal Indicator Holder
93.Starrett Sleeve 196L or 645L, Guage, DC amp gauge
94.Craftsman SAE Impact Sockets
95.Craftsman Ignition Wrench Sets, Midget Box End Wrench Set
96.Assortment of Files
97.Ingersoll Rand Model 7802 3/8" AIr Drill
98.Chicago Pneumatic CP-787 Air Drill
99.Dayton Twist Drill Index with Bits
100.Milwaukee 7"/9" Heavy Duty Speed Control Polisher
101.National Detroit Bondo Sander
102.Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer
103.Dresser Industrial Air Ratchet, Grants Utility Drill
104.Snap On QC2FR75 Torque Wrench
105.Blue Point PR-43 Retaining Ring Plier Set
106.Snap On Torque Wrench
107.Snap On SAE Impact Socket Set
108.Craftsman Adjustable Wrenches
109.Mitutoyo Snap Meter 523 Series
110.Craftsman Nut Drivers
111.Craftsman Nut Driver Set
112.Craftsman SAE and Metric Crowfoot Wrenches
113.Craftsman Swivel Sockets
114.Snap On Swivel Sockets
115.Craftsman Sockets
116.Craftsman Sockets
117.Craftsman Sockets
118.Craftsman Sockets
119.Craftsman Sockets
120.Craftsman Sockets
121.Craftsman Sockets
122.Craftsman Sockets
123.Craftsman Sockets
124.Craftsman Sockets
125.Craftsman Swivel Sockets
126.Craftsman Screwdriver Bit Socket Set
127.Craftsman Screwdriver Bit Socket Set
128.Hydraulic Engine Hoist
129.Chevy 510 Big Block Drag Motor/Boat Motor with Stand
130.14' Wood Extension Ladder
131.Craftsman Mechanics Stethoscope, Multivac Prestone Antifreeze Tester, Safety Glasses, misc
132.Adjustable Monkey Wrenches
133.Adjustable Monkey Wrenches
134.Assortment of Hole Saws
135.New Milwaukee Drill Bits, Chisels, Tin Snips, Lufkin Wood Ruler, Plumbing Tape, Electrical Tape, Adjustable Pliers
136.Craftsman Ratchet Wrenches
137.Craftsman Punches and Chisels
138.Craftsman Adjustable Pliers
139.Craftsman Pliers
140.Blue Point Snips
141.Wire Strippers, Pliers
142.MSD Ignition Wrench and Other Wrenches
143.Craftsman Vise Grips
144.Craftsman Regular Screwdrivers
145.Craftsman Screwdrivers
146.Craftsman Star Screwdrivers
147.Screwdrivers, Utility Knives, Utility Blades, Plastic Blades, Spark Plug Gapper, Mini Tape Measure, Scissors, Misc
148.Craftsman Metric Wrench Set
149.Craftsman Metric Wrench Set
150.Craftsman Metric Wrench Set
151.Snap On Bolt Grip Puller Set
152.Craftsman Ignition Wrench Set, Midget Box End Wrench Set
153.Craftsman Metric Wrench Set
154.Wire Grinder Wheels, New Sanding Discs, New Grinder Cut off Wheels, Soldering Wire, Dremel Tips
155.Snap On MT2261 Tack Advance Computerized Digital Timing Light
156.New OEM Adjustable Engine Cylinder Hone Deglazer
157.Marcraft AE-304 Digital Clamp Meter
158.Fluke 36 Clamp Meter
159.Craftsman 3/4" Drive Ratchet and Sockets
160.Craftsman 3\4" Drive Extensions
161.Craftsman 3/4" Drive Flex Handle Ratchet and Sockets
162.Jo Line Torque Wrench
163.Snap On MT 324 Cylinder Leak Detector
164.Sunnen Dial Bore Gauge
165.Sunnen CF-1000 Gage Setting Fixture
166.Snap On High Speed Drill Bit Case (no bits)
167.Snap On High Speed Drill Bit Case (no bits)
168.Econ Kit Snap Ring Set
169.TRW and Federal Mogul Advertising Fender Covers
170.Wiha T-Handled Hex Keys
171.Craftsman SAE 1/2" Drive Sockets
172.Craftsman SAE 1/2" Drive Extensions and Sockets
173.Craftsman 1/2" Drive Sockets
174.Craftsman Sockets, Extensions
175.Craftsman Nut Drivers and Sockets
176.Craftsman Ratchet, Sockets, Extensions
177.Miller Manufacturing Compression Spring Tester
178.Craftsman Hex Key Wrenches
179.Craftsman Ratchet and Extensions
180.Craftsman Ratchets, Extensions
181.Craftsman Flex Spinner, Extensions, Ratchets
182.Craftsman Bit Driver, Bits and Extensions
183.Cutting Lathe Boring Bars, Cutting Inserts, Chuck and Miscellaneous Accessories
184.Craftsman Metric Ratchet Wrenches
185.Craftsman Wrenches
186.Coleman Inflate All Portable Air Compressor
187.McMaster-Carr Supply Company Buna N O-Ring Kit
188.Craftsman Power Screw Driver and Nut Driver Set, Precision Brand Pocit 5" Feeler Gage Set, Craftsman Ratchet Speed Adapter
189.Snap On BT17A Retainer Spring Tool, Screwdrivers and Ratchet
190.MIT Bench Grinder, Desmond Urbana, Ohio No 1 Grinding Wheel Dresser Tool
191.Craftsman Sockets
192.Craftsman Sockets
193.Craftsman Sockets
194.Craftsman Sockets
195.Craftsman Sockets
196.Craftsman Sockets
197.Rockwell Lathe and Cabinet
198.Craftsman Sockets
199.Craftsman Sockets
200.Craftsman Drag Link Sockets
201.2 Craftsman 1/2" Drive Ratchets, Extensions
202.2 Craftsman 1/2" Drive Ratchets, Extensions
203.Craftsman 1/2" Drive Flex Head Ratchet, Extension
204.2 Craftsman 1/2" Flex Head Breaker Bars
205.Craftsman Extensions
206.Craftsman 3/8" Ratchet and Extensions
207.Rigid Adjustable Wrench, Fuel Line Flaring Tools, Pipe Cutter
208.1931 Ford VIN AZ245838, 14864 Miles, 502 Motor, Tri-Power, Triple Deuce Carburetor, Electric Water Pump, Spit Can, 350 Trans, 11" Torque Convertor, Custom Rear End, Seats Need to be Installed, Vehicle Looks Complete, Has Not Been Ran in a Few Years, Has Been Sitting in a Climate Controlled Garage. Has Clear Title, Is Selling Subject to Executor's Approval
209.Craftsman Double Stack Tool Chest
210.Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest
211.Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest
212.Bridgeport Industrial Mill, Acu-Rite II and Accessories WORKS!!!!
213.Aluminum and Steel Rods
214.Snap On High Performance Parts Washer
215.Racing Engine Diaper, Plastic
216.1948 Ford Anglia C386837 PRO Gas 5780, 350 Chevrolet Engine, Victor Jr. Edelbrock Intake, Moroso Valve Covers, Power Glide Transmission with Brake, Radiator, 2 Driveshafts, Needs Assembled, Has Been Sitting in a Climate Controlled Garage. Clear Title, Selling Subject to Executor's Approval
217.Cold Shot Refrigerant 12 (Tank weighs 15#), Gauges
218.4 Jack Stands
219.2 Jack Stands, Bottle Jack, 2 Tire Irons
220.Craftsman 7 1/4" Circular Saw
221.Kleen-Blast Model 5000 Sandblaster with Tamco Dust Collector System
222.Work Shop Hand Cart
223.Exhaust Manifold Pipes, Copper Head Gaskets
224.NIB Cal-Hawk 1000 LBS Engine Cradle
225.11 Drawer Metal Index Card File, Filled with Hardware and Fittings
226.Wheel Hubs, Brake Drums, Springs
227.Brake Drums, Braided Lines
228.NIB JEG'S 15" Wheel/Rim Screw Plate, Starter, Gauge, Hardware
229.Braided Line
230.Dedenbear Delay Switch, NIB Street Glow Bulbs, GE 6014 Round Head Lights, Wire Connectors, Gaskets, Electrical, Crow Bar, Misc
231.1963 Chevy Small Block Engine 3782870 C253 With Rolling Stand
232.Chevy Engine Block with Stand
233.2 Packing Blankets
234.Rolling Engine Cradle
235.Air Hoses, Regulators, 1 1/2 Ton Jack (does not pump up), Misc
236.New Parts, Fittings, Gauges, Scissor Jack, Hand Brooms, Misc, Chevrolet Extended Oil Pickup, Mounting Clamps, Gray Connector, Swivel Hose End, Oil Pan Bolts, Tubing
237.438 Piston Pins, Spark Plugs, Harwood Blower Cover, Electrical Box Fuses, Foam Weather Stripping, Rubber Car Weather Strip, Gaskets, Gloves
238.Iskenderian Groov-Matic 200-GRM with Copper Wire
239.Drive Shaft Gear
240.Tap & Tool Corporation Size Guide
241.Lunati Performance Valve Springs NIB, Valve Springs
242.Chevy V8 Big Block Intake Manifold Gaskets, Dotco Impact Wrench, R134, Moser Engineering Bolt Circle Template, Gaskets
243.Lufkin, Starrett, Brown & Sharpe and J.T. Slocombe Micrometers
244.Drill Bits, Reduced Shank
245.Craftsman Open End Wrenches, General Circle Cutter, Cutters
246.Assortment of Stainless Steel Bolts
247.Stainless Steel Bolts, Nylon Insert Nuts and Other Hardware
248.Stainless Steel and Other Nuts, Washers, Screws
249.Brown & Sharpe Dial Test Indicator, Clinometer, Machinist Tools
250.Starrett Depth Micrometer, Pro Level & Range Finder, Osbourne Inside Spring Calipers, Machinist Tools
251.Braided Line, Field Indicator, Camshaft Timing Disc, Bolts, Fittings, Misc
252.Vise, Tap Wrench, Heli-Coil Tools, Wrenches, Gloves, Tubing, Misc
253.Kwik Scribes, Weld Fillet Gages, Blue Point Ring Pliers, Spark Plug Gap Gauges, Scribe
254.Wheel Hub, Bolts, Paint Can Tool, Aluminum, Misc Tools
255.NAPA Oil Seals Advertising Cabinet with Seals
256.Sunnen Cylinder Reconditioning Outfit with Master Holder Set and Stones
257.1964 Motor's Auto Repair Manual, 1973 Chilton's Auto Repair Manual
258.Fram, AC Delco and STP Oil Filters, JEGS Fuel Filter
259.Hutchins 12V Horn, Tools
260.Ammo Box, Aluminum and Steel Pieces
261.Union Carbide and L-Tec Welding Regulators, Air Hose
262.Edelbrock Performer RPM 6045 Cylinder Heads
263.GM Cylinder Heads Small Block V8 14011049
264.GM Small Block Cylinder Heads
265.Craftsman Vise No. 381-5181
266.Spectre Advance Curve Kit, Auto Body Clips, Spark Plug Wire, Caps, Misc, GM Crank Bearing Shaft Outer Bolt
267.Hurst Shifter Assembly
268.Holley 4 Barrel Carburetor
269.H.E.I. Performance Distributor
270.Coan Engineering Racing Converter
271.Hurst Shifter Assembly
272.Boring Tool
273.New Fuel Filter, Power Valve, Lug Nuts, Clips, Thermostats, Simpson Racing Strap, Springs, Bolts, Misc
274.Hardware Organizer Filled with Bearings, Bolts, Fittings, Fuses and More!
275.GM Torque Converter
276.Paint, Primer, Engine Enamel, Door Knobs, Metal Pieces, Reference Books, Misc
277.Cylinder Head Valves
278.HeliCoil Master Thread Repair Kit
279.Mallory Safety Engine Control, HeliCoil Master Thread Repair Kit, Mirror, Automatic Radio Electronic Transistor Ignition System, Bolts, New Milodon Oil Pump Pickup Tube , Misc
280.Crane Pushrods, Socket Rail Handles, Bolts, Car Parts
281.Cylinder Head Valves & Springs, Nails, New Auto Bulbs, Gaskets, New Fuse Block, Cutting Fluids, New Pipe Plugs, Misc Auto Parts
282.Auto Pipes, Rear Axle Grease, Threadlocker, ATF, Marvel Mystery Oil, Buffing Compounds, Sand Paper, Tank, Auto Parts
283.Delco Remy 1109065 Vintage Corvette Starter, Excell Distributor Cap, GM Oil Pump Assembly
284.Delco Remy 1998204 Starter, Moroso Part
285.Lear Siegler Solid State Battery Charger, New Clamps
286.Sony Control Center, Magnavox CD Changer, Speakers
287.Snap On Socket, Oil Filter Wrench, Craftsman Tools, Oil Can Nozzles, Taps, Level, Bolts, Misc
288.Grease Guns, Spray Enamel, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Lacquer, Rustoleum, Grease and More
289.Moroso Valve Covers, Holley Carb Parts, Mallory Ignition Parts, Dana U Joints & Interchanges, Gear, GM Spacers, 86 Corvette Seat Motor, Moroso Caps, Misc Car Parts
290.Vintage Gulf Household Oil Advertising Can
291.Buffer Pads, Tape, Strip Calk, Rubber Gloves, Ear Muffs, Steel Wool, N95 Masks
292.Permagage, Chevrolet Core Plugs, New Cutting Discs
293.Armstrong, Eberhard and Hargrave C-Clamps
294.Vise Grips, Railroad Rail Pieces, Grease Gun, Hammer Heads, Scrapers, Metal Pieces
295.Pexto and Auto Body Hammers
296.Vintage Snap On Auto Body Hammer BF 606
297.Vintage Snap On Auto Body Hammer BF 611
298.Central Machinery 8" Bench Grinder/Buffer with Stand and Supplies (Some New)
299.Heavy Duty Chain
300.Motorcycle Sprockets, Chains, Misc Parts
301.1968 Chevrolet Camaro 24378N457960 "Windi'Tight Engines" Car Has Partial 331 Block Engine, Richmond 5 Speed Transmission, Mark 5 Clutch, Dana 60, Not a complete car. It has been sitting for a few years. Has Clear Title. Selling Subject to Executor's Approval
302.MAC'S Axle Straps, Harley Davidson Bucket Seat
303.Honda OHC 750 Engine
304.Honda OHC CB750 Engine
305.Honda OHC 750 Engine
306.Honda OHC 750 Engine
307.Honda OHC 750 Engine
308.Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down Straps
309.JEGS Mechanic Creeper
310.Trailer Plug, Electric Winch Controller
311.Omron Solid State Timers, Vintage Motorcycle Mirrors, Lights, Shocks, Filter Box, Tools, Misc
312.Vintage Motorcycle Lights, Chain Guards, Gauges, Pistons, Springs and Other Parts
313.Motorcycle Seat
314.Vintage Motorcycle Seat
315.Vintage Motorcycle Seat
316.GM Aluminum Intake Manifold
317.Motorcycle Exhaust with 4 in 1 Header
318.2 Driveshafts
319.2 Driveshafts
320.2 Dynomax Mufflers and Exhaust Pipes
321.Motorcycle Radiator
322.Large Assortment of Gaskets (Victor, Delco, GM, K&N Air Filter)
323.Pulleys, U Joints, Carb Parts, Covers, Distributor Caps, Misc Parts
324.Chrome Hot Rod Wheelie Bar
325.Sony Trinitron XBR TV with Remote, Digital Convertor
326.Cylinder Heads, Gear, Filter
327.Roll of Automobile Carpet
328.Fisher Door Plate Trim, GM 67-69 Trim Pieces NOS
329.Vintage Water Spigot
330.Motorcycle Gauges, Carburetor, Foot Pegs, Covers, Parts
331.Motorcycle Kick Stands, Foot Pegs, Motorcycle Parts
332.Motorcycle Headlight Cover, Sprockets, Springs, Parts
333.Motorcycle Transmission Gears
334.Vintage Motorcycle Seat and Solo Seat Rear Fenders
335.Motorcycle Gauges, Tools, Parts
336.Motorcycle Shocks, Headlight, Fender, Misc Parts
337.Red Wing Shock Absorber's, Lockhart Motorcycle Oil Cooler Hoses
338.Motorcycle Lights, Fender, Gaskets, Starters, Misc
339.Motorcycle Tank, Carburetors, Cylinder Heads, Control Cable, Gaskets
340.SOHC 750 Cylinder Head Covers and Alternator Covers
341.C99129 Mopar Transmission
342.Weiand Chevy Big Block Valve Covers
343.Timing Chain Covers, Swing Arm
344.Chrome Valve Covers, Fans
345.Chevrolet V8 Mickey Thompson Valve Covers
346.Hot Rod Wheelie Bar
347.SOHC 750 Clutch Parts, Cylinder Head Covers, Clutch and Brake Levers, Alternator Covers, Misc Parts
348.Honda Tool Kits, Oil Pumps, Steering Knuckles, Misc Parts
349.Honda CB750 Indicator Panel, Brake Lights, Head Light, Foot Pegs, Brake Lever, Misc Parts
350.SOHC 750 Gear Parts, Clutch Parts, Covers, Chain, Misc Parts
351.SOHC 750 Alternator and Covers
352.Honda CB750 Front Forks
353.Honda CB750 Engine Case, Cylinder Heads
354.Honda CB750 Head Covers, Gears, Alternator Parts, Gaskets, Misc Parts
355.Header Pipes, Fender, Chain Guards, Foot Pegs, Cover, Misc Parts
356.GM Transmission
357.Hurst Super Shifter
359.Hurst Shifter Parts
360.Motorcycle Head Light Assemblies, Mallory Ignition Unilite Breakerless Electronic Conversion Partial Kit
361.Honda CB750 Alternator Rotors, Front Forks, Hoses
362.Large Assortment of Copper Wiring
364.Vintage Car Foot Pedals, Straps, Tie Rod, Brake Fluid Container, Weatherstrip, Misc Parts
365.Reading Model 1908 Multiple Gear Chain Hoist
366.CB750 Wheel, Continental 120/90 V 18 Tire
367.NIB Hayes Eliminator Clutch Disc 49
368.Craftsman Buffer/Polisher
369.Devilbiss JGA-637 Air Gun & Cup Combo
370.Central Tools Dial Indicator No. 999
371.Ingersoll-Rand Air Angle Sander I-R 313 NIB
372.Craftsman Micrometer Set
373.Ingersoll-Rand Automotive Impact Wrench Model 231 Size 7806 (Looks New In THe Box)
374.1972 Honda CB750 VIN 200 2637, Monstro Manufacturing Banzai Build High Performance Motorcycle with Supercharger, , SOHC, RC Golden Rod Megneto, Belt Driven, Museum QUality Bike! Clear Title, Bike has not been Ran in a few years and is being stored in a Temperature Controlled Basement. Selling Subject to Executor's Approval
375.Honda Four's Vacuum Gauge Kit
376.Snap On MT471 Tach Dwell Duty Cycle Meter
377.New Caulk, Weather Stripper, Piers, Paint Rollers, Shop Rags, Brushes
378.Fortress Marine Anchor Model FX
379.Stearns Life Jacket Adult Large, Seat Cushion Preserver
380.10 Vintage Record Albums (Bob Seger, Sammy Hagar, Cheap Trick, Nutz, Billy Thorpe, James Gang, Bachmann Turner Overdrive, Tucky Buzzard, The Now Explosion, Twist)
381.10 Vintage Record Albums (The Ventures, Angel, The 4 Seasons, Head East, Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Hit after Hit, April Wine, Henry Paul Band, The Natalie Cole Collection)
382.10 Vintage Record Albums (Queen, Styx, Bad Company, Van Zant, Cheap Trick, Trooper, Wet Willie II, Steve Winwood, Freddy Weller, ELO)
383.10 Vintage Record Albums (Boston, Kansas, Journey, Bob Welch, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Aerosmith, REO Speedwagon, Mitch Ryder, The Clarke/Duke Project, Bad Company)
384.10 Vintage Record Albums (Grand Funk, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Johnny Rivers, Mountain Climbing, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Dire Straits, ZZTop, Band on the Run)
385.10 Vintage Record Albums (Van Halen, Robin Trower, J. Geils, Boston, REO Speedwagon, Kansas)
386.10 Vintage Record Albums (Molly Hatchet, Lake, Hard Nutz, Robin Trower, Barry Goudreau, Bad Company, Widowmaker, Bedlam, Blackfoot)
387.10 Vintage Record Albums (Madonna, Cheap Trick, Head East, Joe Walsh, Thin Lizzy, Dave Mason, Pat Traver's Band, Susan McDonald, Jazz Sampler)
388.10 Vintage Record Albums (Madonna, J Geils, Queen, Scorpions, REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar, Pat Benatar, Pelican West, Climax Blues Band)
389.10 Vintage Record Albums (The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, J Geils, Sammy Hagar, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sharks, Atlantic Starr, Dion and the Belmonts, Gary Wright, 10cc)
390.10 Vintage Record Albums (David Alan Coe, Teena Marie, Charlie Ainley, Van Halen, John Cafferty and Beaver Brown Band, Rita Coolidge, Karla Bonoff, John Waite, Boz Scaggs, Sessions)
391.10 Vintage Record Albums (Bob Seger, Genesis, Santana, ZZ Top, Huey Lewis, Branigan, Journey, Gloria Loring, Katrina and the Waves, The Platters)
392.10 Vintage Record Albums (Eddie & the Cruisers, Bob Seger, Janet Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Whitney Houston. Janis Joplin, The Pretenders, Julian Lennon)
393.10 Vintage Record Albums (Rolling Stones, Lionel Richie, ZZ Top, Huey Lewis, Bryan Adams, Laura Branigan, Honey Drippers, Jeffrey Osborne)
394.10 Vintage Record Albums (Stevie Nicks, Debarge, John Cougar Mellencamp, Jefferson Starship, Sade, Pat Benatar, J Geils, John Waite, Marvin Gaye, Peter Gabriel)
395.10 Vintage Record Albums (Sting, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Chaka Khan, Pointer Sisters, Pablo Cruise, The Big Chill Generation)
396.10 Vintage Record Albums (Billy Joel, Starship, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Kim Carnes, Phil Collins, Heart, Stand by Me, Brenda Lee, Chris De Burgh)
397.10 Vintage Record Albums (Mick Jagger, Cyndi Lauper, Willie Nelson, Foreigner, Bette Midler, Simply Red, Eric Burdon and the Animals, The Kingsmen, Christopher Cross, Otis Redding "The Jimi Hendrix Experience")
398.10 Vintage Record Albums (INXS, Madonna, Journey, Foreigner, Session II, Eagles, Leo Sayer, Duran Duran, Mike & the Mechanics, The Joe Perry Project)
399.10 Vintage Record Albums (Billy Ocean, ,Patty LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Pointer Sisters, Wham, Temptations, Lionel Richie, Don Henley, Bryan Adams, Led Zepplin)
400.6 Vintage Record Albums (Lennon, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Pointer Sisters, Red Rider, The Ventures)
401.Feather Brand Caviness Woodworking Co Oar
402.1978 Honda MC750 VIN CB750K2820740 Hi Performance Turbocharger Motorcycle, Clear Title, Bike has been stored in a Temperature Controlled Basement and Hasn't been Ran in a Few Years. Being Sold Subject to Executor's Approval
403.Black & Decker Heavy Duty Vibro-Centric Valve Seat Grinder Type B in Original Oak Box with Accessories
404.Murdoch Enterprises Honda CB750 OHC Lock Up Clutch
405.Shogun Industries Suzuki Alternator SK120193-01
406.Honda CB 750 Blue and Gold Motorcycle Tank (Has Dent and Scratch)
407.Vance Hines 4 in 1 Exhaust Manifold Pipe with Exhaust Pipe NIB For Suzuki Hyabusa
408.Honda CB 750 Red and Gold Motorcycle Tank
409.Pirelli Motorcycle Tire MT76 3.00-18 with Rim
410.Honda 750 Cylinder Head (has crack)
411.Chromed Disc Hub
412.Honda CB750 Side Engine Covers, Brake and Clutch Levers, Gears, Misc
413.Honda CB 750 Alternator and Cover
414.Honda CB 750 Engine Case 2390972
415.Honda CB 750 Front Forks (Complete)
416.6 Vintage Record Albums (Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Wings, ELO, Eurythmics, The Power Station)
417.6 Vintage Record Albums (Led Zepplin II, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Kansas, Deep Purple, Heart, Karla Bonoff)
418.6 Vintage Record Albums (Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Nazareth, Nektar, Thundermug, Alice Cooper)
419.6 Vintage Record Albums (Michael Jackson, Wings, Fleetwood Mac, The J. Geil's Band, Steely Dan, Lee Ritenour)
420.6 Vintage Record Albums (Bryan Adams, John Cougar Mellencamp, The Cars, Diana Ross, The Woman in Red, Crowded House)
421.6 Vintage Record Albums (Billy Joel, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Atlantic Rhythm and Blues, Sade, The Gentry's, Boots Randolph)
422.6 Vintage Record Albums (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Trower, John Lennon, Air Supply, Queen, Hall & Oats)
423.6 Vintage Record Albums (Rolling Stones, Supertramp, Jeff Beck, Angel, Paul Revere & The Raiders)
424.6 Vintage Record Albums (The Beatle's, Kansas, Good Guy, Nazareth, Humble Pie, Ross)
425.6 Vintage Record Albums (Joe Walsh, Foreigner, 10cc, Kansas, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zepplin)
426.6 Vintage Record Albums (Robin Trower, Boz Scaggs, Commodores, Live Cream, Hydra, Instructional Test Record)
427.4 Vintage Record Albums (The Beatle's, Bob Seger, The Police, Hall & Oats)
428.2 Vintage Record Albums (Bob Seger, Black Sabbath)
429.2 Vintage Record Albums (Prince "Purple Rain", Molly Hatchet "Flirtin with Disaster")
430.3 Vintage Record Albums (The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Big Brother & The Holding Company)
431.JEGS Mechanic Seat
432.Suzuki GSX1300 Hayabusa Seat Tail Box NIB
433.Taylor Vertex Pro Series 8mm High Performance Spark Plug Wires Set NIB
434.Wood Slat Swivel Bar Stool
435.Honda 750 Cylinder Heads
436.Honda 750 Cylinder Heads
437.Good Year MT90-16T Motorcycle Tire and Rim
438.DBXII Dynamic Range Enhancer Noise Reduction System Model 128
439.MDI Motorcycle Absorber NIB
440.Emgo Universal Chrome Headlight Bracket Sets New in Package
441.Dyna 2000 Digital Performance Ignition
442.Dyna Ignition Coils
443.Differential Housing Spreader
444.Honda 750 SOHC Cylinder Heads
445.Crane Econo-Power Camshaft No. 113941 NIB
446.Crane Performance Camshaft
447.MSD Digital Ignition Box NIB
448.Criterion 2X 99-02388W Speakers
449.2 Sound Concepts SD550 Time Delay Mixers
450.Sound Concepts IR2100 Restoration Control, Audio Amplifier, Fans, Speakers, Wires
451.Kenwood Cassette Car Receiver, JVC Cassette Car Receiver, Speakers
452.New Speaker Trim Rings
453.Teac A-3300 Stereo Reel to Reel Tape Recorder
454.Soundscraftsman RP 2215-R Record Playback Audio Frequency Equalizer
455.New Archer AC Power Adapter, Rocket Fish Speaker Cable and Other Electronic Wires
456.Teac AN-180 Noise Reduction Unit
457.Large Aluminum Block
458.Starter, Distributors, Misc Parts
459.Bicep Curl Weights
460.Mallory Ignition Coil 28880, Honda 750 Pistons, Rings, Misc Parts
461.Honda Alternator Cover, Alternator Rotor, Lockhart Thermostat, Braided Lines, Lockhart Engine Cooler
462.Honda Alternator Cover, Side Covers, Belt Driven Magneto and Cover, Fork Clamps, Misc Parts
463.4 in 1 Manifold Exhaust
464.4 in 1 Manifold Exhaust, Brackets
465.Exhaust Pipe
466.Honda 750 Crankshaft
467.Honda 750 Crankshaft
468.Honda 750 Crankshaft
469.Honda 750 Crankshaft
470.Honda 750 Crankshaft
471.1977 Chevrolet Monza 2+2 Hatchback, PARTS ONLY CAR! Everything Shown in Pictures, Doors, Hood, Body Panels, Windshield, Seats, Trim, Carpet, Bezels, Gears, Radiators, Weatherstrips, Bolts, Brackets, Valves, Brake Parts, Too Much too List! NO TITLE!
472.Chevy Engine Block
474.Honda 750 Cylinder Heads
475.Honda 750 Piston Connecting Rods, Rocker Arms and Shafts, Sleeves, Gaskets, Misc Parts
476.Honda 750 Clutch and Chain
477.Honda CB750 Engine 2381708
478.Honda 750 Cylinder Heads
479.Honda 750 Cylinder Heads
480.Metal Triangular Tank
481.Honda CB750 Carburetor
482.Black Sport Fairing and Fender
483.6 New Cans VHT Engine Enamel
484.Honda CB750 Engine 2010415
485.Megacycle Camshaft, Yoshimura Camshaft
486.2 Honda 750 Camshafts
487.2 Honda 750 Camshafts
488.2 Honda 750 Camshafts
489.2 Honda 750 Camshafts
490.2 Honda 750 Camshafts
491.2 Honda 750 Camshafts
492.2 Honda 750 Camshafts
493.2 Honda 750 Camshafts
494.Honda 750 Valves, Springs, Stems
495.Pro Comp Oil and Blower Press Gauges
496.Marvel Mystery Oil, Fork Oil, VHT Wrinkle Plus, VHT Engine Enamel, Marine-Tex
497.Honda 750 Carburetors, Screens, Cover, Holley Plastic Case, Dial Thermometers, Race Tuner Kit
498.Honda Emblems, Reflectors, Valve Springs, Bolts, Washers, New Valve Spring Retainers, Misc Hardware
499.Misc Honda Parts, Nuts, Bolts, Shop Rags
500.Honda 750 Covers, Hardware, Misc Parts
501.Honda CB750 Engine
502.Motorcycle Tank, Fender, Side Panels
503.Motorcycle Gear, Brackets, Parts
504.Honda CB750 Engine 2717640
505.SOHC 750 Cylinder Head Covers
506.Honda 750 Pistons and Connecting Rods
507.Motorcycle Body
508.Motorcycle Body
509.Motorcycle Tank
510.8 New Pistons, Pin Clips, Seals
511.Suzuki GSX1300R Center Stand Set and Airbox
512.Performax 5000 Exercise Bike
513.2 8' Shop Lights
514.Motorcycle Shocks
515.Motorcycle Shocks
516.SOHC 750 Cylinder Head Covers
517.Honda 750 Cylinder Heads
518.Honda 750 Cylinder Heads
519.Honda Brake Calipers
520.12 Piston Connecting Rods
521.Camshaft Holder, Rocker Arms and Rods
522.Honda Motorcycle Foot Pegs, Shifters, Shifter Gauge, Cover Plate, Light
523.Honda Side Cover, Lights, Throttle Handle, Piston Connecting Rod, Reflectors, Brake Lever, Misc
525.12 Venolia Pistons and Pins
526.21 Pistons, Rings
527.Honda Gears, Misc Parts
528.Motorcycle Pegs, Gaskets, Handles, Misc
529.Weber Carburetors, Misc Parts
530.Pistons, Connecting Rods, Rings, Gears, Brackets, Rocker Needles, Pins, Bearings, Misc Parts
531.Honda 750 Alternator Cover, Side Covers, Bolts, Misc Parts
532.Honda Motorcycle Gears, Rotor, Carburetor Parts
533.Honda Transmission Gears, Cover, Misc Parts
534.Pushrods, Fuel Parts, Misc Parts
535.Honda 750 Rocker Arm Shafts, Rocker Arms
536.Honda 750 Valves, Springs, Rings, Caps
537.Honda 750 Cable Control, Brake Line, Norgren Gauge, Alternator Cover, Shift Lever, Turn Signal Housing, Misc Parts
538.NEW Piston Connecting Rods, Petcock, Tappet Cover Caps, Cylinder Studs, Small Head Stud Kit, Daytona Bracket
539.New Honda 750 Oil Seal Kits, Side Covers, Chains, Turn Signal Switch, Spark Plug Wires, Steering Bearing, Wires
540.New MSD Ignition RPM Module Kit, Brake and Clutch Levers, Chains, Springs, Clutch Springs, O-Rings, Bolts, Hose Clamps
541.Sprockets (Assorted Sizes)
542.Honda 750 Brake Discs
543.Vance Hines Exhaust Pipe, Shifter Levers, Brake Levers, Brake Pads, Foot Pegs, Brake Light, Misc Parts
544.Honda 750 Chrome Handle Bar Grips, New Chains, Spark Plugs, Ignition, Oil Filters, Socket Sets, Tachometer, Rings, Gaskets, Misc Parts
545.NEW Spark Plugs, Bearings, Lever, Gaskets, O-Rings, Caps, Sleeves, Bolts, Seals, Misc Parts
546.Bar Bell and Weights
547.60" x 96" Area Rug
548.Speaker Box with Wires
549.Black Car Bucket Seat Made in England
550.Black Motorcycle Tank
551.1977-1982 Corvette/Camaro Head Covers
552.Honda 750 Rear Fender and Tail Light, Handle Bars, Sissy Bar, Alternator, Mirror, Shifter/Brake Peglet
553.Honda Motorcycle Head Light Bezel, Fender, New Stabilizer, Gas Cap, Cables, Misc
554.Corvette Technical Poster 1960's,70's, & 80's (New in Wrap)
555.Akront 18"-3.50-40-TR-685-E Motorcycle Rear Tire Rim and Brake Cylinder
556.Honda 750 Forks, Sprocket, Bearings, Seals, Brackets, Misc Parts
557.1972 Honda CB750 Frame 2033815 Comes with Title
558.1970's Honda Motorcycle Seat
559.1970 Honda CB750 Frame, Tank & Seat CB7501017735 with Title
560.New Paint Rollers, Trowels, Scraper, Misc Tools
561.Pushrods, Rocker Nuts, Lifters
562.Webster Industries Stud Girdles
563.8 "SIR" I-Beam Connecting Rods
565.Holley Pro Dominator Small Block Chevy Tunnel Ram Intake Manifold
566.Manley Race Master Valve Stems NIB
567.Rocker Arms, Valve Springs, Pushrods
568.Crane Cams Stud Girdles
569.Chevy Performance Small Block Intake Manifold 10051103
570.Wiseco Hi-Performance Forged Piston Kit Chevy Small Block
571.Chevrolet Corvette Wheel Nuts
572.Springs, T-Valves, Brackets, Vac Gauge, Fire Extinguisher Bracket
573.Pushrods, Rocker Arms, Springs, Bolts, Misc
574.Mallory Super-Mag II Ignition Distributor
575.Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads
576.4 into 1 Big Block Header Exhaust
577.Dart Cylinder Heads
579.Distributors, Spark Plug Wires, Misc
580.Chevy Big Block Timing Chain and Cover, New JEGS BB Chevy Block Protector and Solid Cam Stop, Bolts
581.8 Bolt on Carburetor Trumpet Pipes
582.Edelbrock Scorpion Intake Manifold 2950
583.Oil Pan
584.Stainless Steel Oil Pan, Parts
585.Mikuni Carburetor
586.Honda SOHC 750 Cylinder Heads, Copper Gasket
587.Mooneyham Supercharger with Enderle Birdcatcher, Big Block
588.Crane Rocker Arms
589.SOHC 750 Cylinder Head Cover, Valves
590.Littlefield Supercharger Blower, Birdcatcher, Straps, Big Block
591.Supercharger, Holley Carbs, Birdcatcher, Big Block
592.Retro Metal Box Fan WORKS
593.Harwood Bucket Car Seat
594.Aluminum Stud Girdles, Chrome Trim, Wiring, Misc
595.NIB Harwood Fuel Cell and Bottle
596.NOS 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Door Panels Black
597.Monocoque Racing Wheels 15x14 3.8 Pro Star Rims
598.Chrome Hot Rod Wheelie Bar
599.Monocoque Racing Wheels Challenge Star Racing Rims
600.1968-69 Chevy Camaro/Firebird Window Lace NIB, Headliner NIB, Harwood Bracket NIB, Rubber Gaskets
601.1968-69 Chevy Camaro/Firebird Chrome Door Handles, Shifter Knob, 3M Clear Auto Sealer, Misc New Parts
602.Jones Moroso Tachometer and Cable
603.Jones Moroso Tachometer
604.Holley 4 Barrel Carburetor
605.Holley 4 Barrel Carburetor
606.New Chrome Chevrolet Air Filter Cover and Tray, Aeromotive Flow Fuel Filter
607.K-Motion Valve Springs
608.2 Strange 1968-69 Camaro/Nova/Chevelle Brake Kits NIB
609.1968 Chevy Camaro Left & Right Tail Light Housings NIB
610.NIB Hurst Aluminum Cover Kit, NIB Hurst Quarter Stick Race Shifter
611.OER 1967-68 Chevy/Pontiac RH & LH Kick Panels NIB
612.1968 Chevy Floor Boards
613.NOS 1967-1969 Chevy Carpet Firewall Guard and Firewall Pad, Carpet Pieces, Car Cover
614.1967-68 Camaro/Firebird Dash Gauge Cluster and Extra Housing and Lenses
615.Gear, Springs, Bolts, Misc Parts
616.2 Exhaust Pipes
617.Rodeck 481 Lifter Cover, Assortment of Gaskets
618.1931 Ford Aviation Tail Lights 2 Red, 1 with No Lens
619.Kinsler Fuel Injection System Fuel Rail, Rex Marine Gauges, Spark Plug, Chrome Tips, Aluminum Tank
620.3 Spoke/3 Bolt Steering Wheel NIB
621.Energizer Camshaft NIB
622.Erson Performance Camshaft NIB
623.Crane Performance Camshaft
624.Competition Camshaft
625.Crower Camshaft
626.Hilborn Big Block Chevy Injection Manifold (Customized), Trumpet Pipes, Kinsler Filter, Misc Parts
627.1948 Ohio License Plates
628.2 Wheel Hubs
629.Chrome Cover, Tie Rod, Anglia Cut Outs
630.Ford Anglia Grill Shell & Inners
631.Holley Jet Assortment Kit, Exhaust Insulating Wrap
632.Floor Mats, Car Cover, Dust Cloth
633.New VHT ENgine Enamel, Rust-o-leum Primer, VHT Epoxy Paint, VHT Ceramic Coating, Gloss Protective Enamel
634.Mallory Ignition, NIB MSD Spark Plug Wires, NIB JEGS Premium Primary Wire (5 Boxes), NIB JEGS Flexplate Cover, Exhaust Header Gasket, Nuts, Bolts, Misc Parts
635.NIB Richmond Gear Hi-Performance Ring & Pinion Set Dana 4.10
636.Vintage Car Mirrors, Door and Trunk Lid Handles with Keys, New Super Bright LEDS
637.NIB Strange 1957-1964 Oldsmobile Rear Brake Kit
638.NIB MSD Ignition Coil HVC-2 7 Series Ignition
639.NEW MSD Ignition Wires, JEGS Water Pump Gaskets, Header Bolts, Snap Strap, Ultra Copper, Washers, Strap, Misc
640.Ron Francis Wiring Kits New in Package
641.Spicer Drivetrain Differential Cover Gasket, Flexlock Thin Nuts, Aluminum Snap Washer, Oil Seals, Drive Stud Kit
642.Mark WIlliams Ent. Wheel Spacers, General Electric Motor, Weatherstrip
643.NIB Strange Steel Spool and Spool Bearing Caps
644.NIB Strange Wheel Studs, Axles & Bearings
645.Honda 750 Alternator Cover, Fender, Sun Oil Pressure Gauge, Chrome Cover
646.Rigid Twin Level Conduit Pipe Bender Gardner No 931
647.Microtran PL56-20 Transformers, Metal Boxes
648.Vintage Honda Motorcycle Mirror, Speedometer and Tachometer
649.Vintage Honda Motorcycle Fender, Seat, Handle Bars
650.Spools of Wire, Electrical Boxes, Fuse Box, Conduit Brackets, Screws, Misc
651.Vintage Honda 750 Side Covers
652.Assortment of Copper, Steel, Rubber and Paper Gaskets
653.Vintage Honda Tachometer, Fuel Tank
654.Honda Swing Arm
655.Brass & Steel Fittings, Blower Motor, Sensor Lite Sockets, Misc
656.Honda 750 Side Covers, Braided Lines Carb Parts, Timing Chains and Cover, Tensioners, Misc Parts
657.Honda Motorcycle Foot Pegs, Kick Stand, Shifter Peg, Brake Pedal, Misc Parts
658.Honda Side Covers, Fuel Parts, Chain, Bolts, Misc
659.Chrome Floor Lamp
660.Contemporary Floor Lamp
661.Brass and Glass Side Table
662."Cayman Waves I" Signed Butler Art 24" x 32"
663."Cayman Waves II" Signed Butler Art 24" x 32"
664.Walnut Record Cabinet
665.Dana Forrester Autographed Mid American Design Corvette Funfest 1997 Poster
666.Dana Forrester Autographed Mid American Design Corvette Funfest 1995 Poster
667.Autographed 1973 Corvette History Book
668.Ford, Model A, Ron Francis Wiring, Street Rod Parts and Other Reference Books
669.Dyna Label Maker, Wires, CD Sleeves, Color Guard, Misc
670.ALOS Fiche Reader with Honda CB750 Slides
671.Oak Desk 68"W x 32"D x 40"H
672.1989 Corvette Portrait of a Legend Book
673.Stahl Tools LED Magnifying Lamp with Third Hand and Soldering Iron Holder
674.Stahl Tools Variable Temperature Digital Solder and Desolder Station
675.Honda CB750 "The Complete Story", Muscle Car Chronicle Books and Camaro Parts and Accessories Catalogue
676.1969-1978 Clymer Honda 750cc Fours Manual, 1963 Stockel Auto Mechanics Fundamentals, Hot Rod Binder
677.Honda CB750 Shop Manual, 1978 Catalogue, 1968 Corvette Assembly Manual and Other Vintage Manuals and Catalogues
678.1970's Street Power, Super Chevy and Chevy Action Magazines
679.1966 CARToons and Drag Cartoons Magazines
680.Vintage Chevy, Auto, Motorcycle Alston Racing, Holley Carburetors, Harley Davidson and Other Reference Books
681.Ralph Gorr Flowed Fuel Systems Gauge Weather Station

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