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Leonard's Auction Service Inc.
Online Only Monroe Estate Auction Sunday May 24, 2020 at 5PM! - 5/24/2020

Item Description
1.Cranberry Picker Scoop
2.Signed Hand Painted Pottery Ornament, Stoneware Nesting Bowls, Candle Holders, Wood Fruit Tray
3.Flo-Davis Paris Ladies Dress Hat, Cherry & Webb Co. Providence, RI Hat Box
4.White Birch Decorations, Santa Hats, Wreath, Books, Rag Rug Hook Baskets
5.Decorative Balls, Glass Stones, Styrofoam
6.3 Ladies Dress Hats
7.Duck Casting Mold, Wicker Basket, Small Mirrors, Painted Wood Mold, Wire Easel, Stones, Frame
8.Cole Haan Designer Purse
9.Pugh Pottery Tiles and Ornaments
10.Pugh Pottery Tiles
11.Pugh Pottery Candy Dish
12.Iron Pie Stand, Cheese Knives, USA Apollo Glasses, Nesting Bowls, Hand Painted Vase, Covered Candy Jar, Vases, Tray, Plates, Decorative Items
13.Flags, Curtain Rods
14.Longaberger Mugs and Bag
15.Cookie Cutters
16.Department 56 Classic Ornament Series, Boyds Bear Ornaments, Old World Santas, Holiday Decorations
17.Iron Welcome Sign, Frames, Telescoping Flash Light, Pop Cap, Doll Stand, Candle Holder
18.New Candles, Candle Holders
19.New Decorative Candles
20.New Candles, New Decorative Napkins
21.Stained Glass Yard Decorations, New Peel Stick Appliques, New Candles, Carrot Trimmers, Shepherd's Hook, Decorative Box
22.New Root Taper Candles
23.Quartet Cork Board 3' x 4'
24.6' Phoenix Heavy Duty Plastic Table
25.Metal Shelf
26.Bells, Ty and Boyds Bears, Decorative Pillows and Other Decorations
27.Red Rug 48" x 72"
28.Ribbon, Candle Lights, Metal Bucket, Decorative Metal Tree
29.Wayne Submersible Utility Pump
30.Hallmark Keepsake Angel Ornaments, Angel Hair, LED Candles, Battery Operated Candles, Bells, Decorations
31.Metal Shelf
32.Metal Shelf
33.Cresco Leather Jacket
34.Decorative Lamps
35.Mahogany Jewelry Box
36.Pine Shelf with Peg Hooks
37.Nesting Prep Bowls, Metal Bell, Hand Painted Slate Wall Hanging, Home & Garden Party Basket, Ribbon, Pine Box
38.Marjolein Bastin Wall Hanging, Decorative Boxes, Frames, Glass Hanging Ornaments
39.Grandchildren Collage Frame, Decorative Frame, Decorative Tray
40.Longaberger Basket
41.New Gift Bags, Tissue Paper
42.White Rodgers Elec Co. Shop No A-970 Industrial Wood Work Bench
43.Oak Laminate Table with 5 Oak Chairs
44.Cast Iron Cauldron (Has Crack)
45.2 Wrought Iron Patio Chairs
46.3 Plastic Patio Chairs and Stools
47.Vintage Continental Scale Works Baby Scale
48.Hitchcock Stenciled Side Table
49.3 Mahogany Stools
50.Throwable Boat Cushions with Bag
51.Throwable Boat Cushions with Bag
52.Camp Chef Camping Table
53.New Stikii Shoes 18 Pairs Navy Blue 13.5/1 Retail $40.00 a Pair
54.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Fuschia 10/11, 10 Pairs Brown 10/11 Retail $40.00 a Pair
55.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Fuschia 10/11, 10 Pairs Brown 10/11 Retail $40.00 a Pair
56.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Fuschia 8/9, 10 Pairs Navy Blue 13.5/1 Retail $40.00 a Pair
57.New Stikii Shoes 6 Pairs Teal 12/13, 7 Pairs Green 2/3 Retail $40.00 a Pair
58.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Red 12/13, 10 Pairs Brown 12/13 Retail $40.00 a Pair
59.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Orange 10/11, 10 Pairs Brown 8/9 Retail $40.00 a Pair
60.New Stikii Shoes 8 Pairs Blue 13.5/1, 10 Pairs Red 10/11 Retail $40.00 a Pair
61.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Fuschia 12/13, 8 Pairs Orange 10/11 Retail $40.00 a Pair
62.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Fuschia 10/11, 8 Pairs Navy Blue 13.5/1 Retail $40.00 a Pair
63.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Fuschia 12/13, 4 Pairs Fuschia 2/3, 3 Pairs Navy Blue 2/3, 2 Pairs Red 2/3 Retail $40.00 a Pair
64.New Stikii Shoes 9 Pairs Fuschia 8/9, 7 Pairs Fuschia 12/13, 2 Pairs Red 12/13 Retail $40.00 a Pair
65.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Fuschia 12/13, 10 Pairs Orange 8/9 Retail $40.00 a Pair
66.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Navy Blue 13.5/1, 10 Pairs Fuschia 12/13 Retail $40.00 a Pair
67.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Orange 10/11, 10 Pairs Fuschia 12/13 Retail $40.00 a Pair
68.New Stikii Shoes 10 Pairs Fuschia 8/9, 5 Pairs Pink 2/3, 1 Pair Purple 13.5/1, 1 Teal 13.5/1, 1 Pair Teal 10/11, 1 Navy Blue 10/11 Retail $40.00 a Pair
69.New Stikii Shoes 7 Pairs Retail $40.00 a Pair
70.12 Playing Card Decks Kewadin Casino (Blue)
71.12 Playing Card Decks Kewadin Casino (Red)
72.Anheuser Busch 2001 Membership Stein "Living the Legacy" Membership Kit
73.Anheuser Busch Heritage Series "The Brew House" Stein
74.Anheuser Busch "Busch Stadium" Stein
75.Vintage Bud Man Stein
76.Anheuser Busch 1997 Members Only Stein "The Budweiser Girls" Historical Reflections
77.Anheuser Busch 2006 Members Only St. Louis Decantor Set
78.Anheuser Busch American Originals Series "Black & Tan"
79.Anheuser Busch Frog Character Stein
80.Anheuser Busch 2007 Special Event Stein "Black & Tan"
81.Anheuser Busch Endangered Species Stein "Gray Wolf"
82.2 Anheuser Busch Historical A & Eagle Series Steins "The 1900 Edition"
83.Anheuser Busch Endangered Species Stein "Bald Eagle"
84.2 Budweiser Champion Clydesdales Steins
85.Budweiser Champion Clydesdales Stein, Anheuser Busch World Cup USA 94 Orlando Stein
86.Budweiser Champion Clydesdales Stein, Budweiser Centennial Stein
87.Anheuser Busch Endangered Species Stein "Bald Eagle"
88.Anheuser Busch "World Famous Clydesdales" Stein, Anheuser Busch "Budweiser Clydesdales Training Hitch" Stein
89.Anheuser Busch 2000 Membership Stein "Born to Greatness"
90.42" Panasonic Plasma HDTV (WORKS)
91.50" Panasonic High Definition Plasma TV (Works)
92.New Bag of Premier Peat Moss 3 cu ft
93.Dyson DC 23 Plus Canister Vacuum Root Cyclone + Core Seperator
94.Arhaus Furniture Designer Sofa
95.Canvas Zebra Picture 46.5" x 31"
96.Arhaus Furniture Designer Book Case 77"W x 63"H x 17.5"D
97.Arhaus Bookshelf Ladder
98.Lazy Boy Recliner
99.Wrought Iron Glider
100.Butler Mahogany Magazine Rack
101.J. Chein & Company 9" Metal World Globe
102.Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree
103.Whirlpool Refrigerator
104.Chenille Bed Spread, Towels, Linens
105.2 American Flags
106.Pink Depression Vase, Little Bo Peep Planters, USA Fish Planters, Mackinaw City Michigan Ashtray, Silver Leaf Decanter and Glass, Blue Pitcher, German Style Mugs, Japan Shakers
107.Double Stack Ornament Storage Case, Hand Blown and Other Ornaments
108.Green Depression Candy Dish, Amberina Turkey Shakers, Etched Covered Candy Dish
109.Emmett Kelly Porcelain Clown, Shell Clown, Collectible Clowns
110.Emmett Kelly Porcelain Bell, Porcelain and Ceramic Clown Figurines
111.Art Glass Clown, Venutti Collection Porcelain Clown Figurine
112.Siesta Marble Book Ends, Copper Bowl, Musical Figurine, Pottery, Madonna Planter, Religious Figurines, Pottery Vase, Trolley, Metal Rose, Dream Catcher, Tea Pot Trinket, Miniature Oil Lamp, Pink Depression Cup, Collectibles
113.Metal "Kitty's Bath" Framed Sign, Russell Oil on Board Clown Picture, K. Chin Clown Picture, Nautical Picture, Second Hand Rose Thrift Shop Picture, Wall Mirror
114.History and Baseball Books (Toledo, Monroe, Dundee, Custer, Pete Rose, Brewers, WWII, Detroit Television, Ellis Island and Other Books
115.Hugo Walker with Seat, Metal Walker
116.Roseville Florentine Jardiniere
117.2 French Portrait Lamps
118.Hand Painted Czechoslovakia Cigarette Holder/Ashtray
119.Oak Side Table
120.Hand Carved Canes/Walking Sticks
121.Book Shelf
122.Oak Pedestal
123.Wood Carved Owl, Scentsy Penguin Candle Warmer, Porcelain Dolls, Wind Chime
124.Metal Wall Art, LED Candles, Oil Diffuser, Candles, Clock, Lamp, Rubix Cube, Retro Shakers, Misc Collectibles
125.Oak Coffee Table
126.Burlington Ware Cottage Tea Pot
127.Chicken Creamer, Hall Doughnut Tea Pot (has crack), Tea Pots, Musical Angel Figurine, Planter (cracked), Cookie Jar
128.Oak Planter Table
129.Antique Brass Monastery Door Bell
130.3 Foot Stools
131.GPX 5 CD Stereo with Dual Cassette player and 2 Speakers
132.RC Cola Can Bank
133.1989 Detroit Tigers Trash Can
134.Hoover Air Lite Multi-Cyclone Vacuum
135.Vaseline Glass Bottle, Signed Art Glass Dish, Cranberry Etched Vase, Pink Depression Covered Dish
136.Elvis Musical Decanter, Silver Rimmed Decanter Set, Crystal Clown, Bohemian Glass Bell, Koala Bear Egg, Figurines, Nappy Dish, Eggs, Collectibles
137.Oak Lighted Hall Console/Curio
138.Oak Victorian Parlor Table
139.Lazy Boy Double Recliner Sofa
140.Bay Bridge White Zinfadel Wine Bottle (Contents Free), Oak Lazy Susan, Cookie Jar, Bread Box, 2 Wire Baskets, Stationary Box, Doilies
141.Crucifixes, Religious Pendants, Religious Tile, Religious Figurines, Religious Cards
142.6 Glass, Wood, Beaded Rosaries (possible sterling on some, not marked), 1 Case
143.Michigan Wolverines Trash Can
144.Silverware, Utensils, Knives
145.Walnut Victorian Fern Stand
146.Hall's Superior Covered Dish, Yellow Depression Mixing Bowl, Pink Covered Dish, Covered Loaf Pan
147.Plymouth Mahogany Mantle Clock
148.Coca Cola Bowl, Tupperware Nesting Bowls, Place Mats, Corning Ware, Electric Cords, Blood Pressure Monitor, Kitchen Towels
149.Pink Depression Pitcher, Cream and Sugar, Spoon, Cream
150.Mowhawk Peppermint Schnapps and Thompson American Whiskey Advertising Bottles(Unopened Contents Free)
151.Brass Ornate Italy Cork Screw
152.Goodrich Silvertowns Gree Vaseline Glass Coast, Green Depression Glasses, Etched Pink Depression Candy Dish
153.Neft Safety Knife US Patd 1920
154.Advertising Match Books, Advertising Glasses (Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sugar Shack, Fox Head, Bud Light, Chicago, Las Vegas and Others) Character Jelly Jars, Brandy Sniffer
155.Car Pocket Knife and Other Pocket Knives, Tape Measures, Whistle, Calvary Dist, Bottle Opener
156.Master Lock, Charger Blocks, Pens, Pencils, Scissors, Tape, Lighter, Misc
157.Hand Painted Nippon Salt Dips
158.Black & Decker Toaster Oven, Hamilton Beach Toaster, Craftsman Flash Light, Storage Bags, Plastic Wrap, Wax paper, Foil
159.Modern Tone Plates and Bowl, Yellow Depression Plate, Yellow/Amber Candlewick Pattern Divided Dish, Green Depression Plate, Patterned Glass Bowls, Blue Divided Relish Dish
160.Gold Standard China Dishes
161.Green Depression Etched Stemware and Dish
162.Fire King Dish, Corelle & Corning Ware Dishes, Hand Painted Bowls and Plate, Oriental Dishes, Juicer, Glass Ware
163.Pink Depression Shakers, Plate, Tid Bit Tray and Cordials, Honeycomb Shakers
164.St. Anthony and Mary Pictures, Antique Frames
165.Rodolfo Valentino Italian Actor Picture
166.Oval Gilded Turn of the Century Frame and Picture
167.Haeger Candle Platter with Religious Planter
168.Art Glass Wind Chime, Clown Wind Chime
169.Pink Depression Plate, Glasses, Etched Tray, Cups
170.Large Assortment of Black & White Photos
171.Noritake China Set
172.Coca Cola Advertising Tape Measure
173.12 Hand Painted Cups and Saucers
174.Fire King Measuring Cup (4 Cups)
175.Calphalon, Kenmore, Farberware, T-Fal Baking Sheets, Pots, Pans
176.Holy Water Jars, Wood Trivet, Banana Tree, Picture, Pot Holders, Glasses, Figurines
177.4 Chrome Craft Rolling Kitchen Chairs
178.Sharp Microwave
179.GE Glass Top Stove
180.Bokar Coffee Advertising Tin Bank
181.Bailey's Irish Cream Advertising Bottle (Unopened Contents Free)
182.Kahlua Advertising Bottle (Unopened Contents Free)
183.Bailey's Irish Cream Light Advertising Bottle and Can (Unopened Contents Free)
184.Seagram's Whiskey & Gin, Expresso and Relska Vodka Miniature Advertising Bottles (Unopened Contents Free)
185.Assorted Holiday Hand Towels
186.Antique Frost King Ice Chest
187.Bone Handled Knife
188.Metal Mickey Mouse Tray, Horse, Betty Boop, Richard I Statue, Model Airplane, Beer Can
189.Pelonis Heater, Windmere Fan
190.Crown Royal Advertising Bottle (Unopened Contents Free)
191.Replogle Globe 6" Metal Bank
192.UCLA Bruins Trash Can
193.Dettroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, Fire Fighter, Detroit Red Wings Ball Caps
194.Vintage Porcelain Soda Fountain Stool
195.Vintage Porcelain Soda Fountain Stool
196.Vintage Porcelain Soda Fountain Stool
197.Green Casserole Dish, Step Stool, Baking Pans, Pots, Utensils
198.2 Door Kitchen Cupboard
199.Kitchen Cupboard
200.Mahogany Drum Table
201.Vintage Mickey Mouse Watch in Original Case
202.Vintage Clay Marbles
203.Vintage Plush Monkey, Plush Bear
204.Ergonomic Office Chair
205.Stenciled Rocker
206.Baby Quilt
207.Vintage Coverlet
208.Walnut Half Moon Table
209.1930's Child's Divided Plate and Cup, Vintage Cup and Saucer
210.Vintage Bobblehead Nodder Duck Planter (has age crack on head)
211.Art Glass Paperweight and Ash Tray
212.Mission Style Smoking Stand
213.Deco Mahogany Side Table with Drawers on both sides
214.Vintage Baby Blanket
215.Mahogany Settee 41"W x 22"D x 30"H
216.Washington Quarters State Collection 1999-2003 (50 Total)
217.Washington Quarters State Collection 2004-2008 (46 Total)
218.John F. Kennedy Half Dollar Collection Starting 1964 (26 Total)
219.Vintage Philco Factory Supervised Service Advertising Work Box
220.Eagle Oriental Jacket
221.Lane Cedar Chest
222.Sterling 800 Silver Cigarette Case
223.Grant-Smith Corp Advertising Paperweight, 2 Large Coin Paperweights
224.Memory of Japan & Korea Lighter/Cigarette Case
225.Memory of Japan & Korea Lighter and Cigarette Case
226.Tigerwood Gentleman's Chest
227.Art Deco Iron Chandelier with Amber Shades
228.Greenhouse Garden Cart
229.Avigo 18" Boys Bike
230.Huffy Rock It Bike
231.Yard Machines 31cc Grass Trimmer
232.King Cobra, Taylor, Dunlop, Knight, Spalding and MacGregor Golf Clubs, Power Edge Golf Bag
233.Chaise Lounge Chair
234.Diamondback Cobra 24 Boys Bike
235.Iron Slat Wall Shelf
236.Honda HR214 Push Mower
237.Book Shelf
238.Metal Bathroom Shelves, 2 Decorative Lamps
239.Pacific Stratus Bike
240.Nishiki Girls Bike
241.Mongoose Outer Limit Bike
242.Avigo One Eight 18" Boys Bike
243.Boys Bike
244.Fuji Thrill Men's Bike
245.Signed R.F. Welch Oil on Canvas 14" x 18" Lake Landscape with Lighthouse
246.Myron R. Davidson Watercolor 31" x 25"
247.Luigi Lucioni 1953 Watercolor "A Vermont Scene" 33.5" x 26"
248.Helen Palmer 26" x 22" Chalk Art with Gilded Frame
249.French Tapestry 30.5" x 27"
250.Dulce Domum or Return from School Engraving by John Jones, Painted by W.R Bigg A. 29.5" x 25" Gilded Frame
251.JH Bird Oil on Canvas 54" x 30" Country Scene
252.Frans Hals Oil on Canvas 19" x 22"
253.F. M. Rines Pencil Drawing 21.5" x 17"
254.F. M. Rines Pencil Drawing 21" x 17"
255.F. M. Rines Pencil Drawing 21" x 17"
256.T Haverfield Watercolor 34" x 26"
257.Jay Jalaude Signed and Numbered Lithograph 28" x 21"
258.Gilded Wall Mirror 19" x 29"
259.Signed Nautical Oil on Canvas with Applied Paint 27" x 20"
260.Susan Loy Signed and Numbered "The Language of Flowers" 23" x 23"
261.Edward Hopper: Early Sunday Morning, 1930. Oil, 35x60. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
262.US Luggage New York Leather Briefcase
263.Adjustable Metal Lamp
264.Pottery Barn Vase 14.5"
265.Globe from "The Study" World Public Library 20cm
266.Betty Rumpf Terra Cotta Lantern Vase 12"
267.La Crema Sonoma Coast 2014 Chardonnay (Unopened Bottle Only Contents Free)
268.La Crema Monterey 2017 Chardonnay (Unopened Bottle Only Contents Free)
269.La Crema Sonoma Coast 2016 Chardonnay (Unopened Bottle Only Contents Free)
270.Casal Sta. Maria Malvasia 2018 (Unopened Bottle Only Contents Free)
271.Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay Columbia Valley Vintage 2016 ((Unopened Bottle Only Contents Free)
272.Imagery Chardonnay California 2016 (Unopened Bottle Only Contents Free)
273.Decorative Pottery Vase 12.5"
274.Snowman Metal Painted Star, Pine Cone Wreath, Hand Painted Holiday Bowl and Tray
275.Von Shel Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Holder, Promedica Thermos and Thermos Cups, Metal Paper Towel Holders, Bud Vase
276.New Basketville Wood Box, Safari Box
277.Dooney & Bourke Wallet Purse, Suki Wallets, Decorative Box, XOXO Heart Dish, White Dish
278.Decorative Wine Bottle Stand and Bowls
279.3 Pottery Barn Beach Towels, Wire Basket
280.Decorative Pine Cones, Sticks
281.Craftsman 3/8 Drill, 3 New Room Essentials Letter Trays, Gardening Tools, Electrical Cord
282.Betty Rumpf Twinkle Medium Tealight Holders, Decorative Candle Holders, Cheese Dome, Bowl, Tumblers, Vase, On the Rocks Glasses, Etched Mug
283.Signed Art Glass Bowl
284.Pottery Barn Dish, Betty Rumpf Decorative Flowers, Art Glass Candy Dishes, Bottle Pourers, Decorative Balls, Feather, Snowflake Plate, Apothecary Jar
285.Hampton Silversmiths Stainless Silverware Set, Promedica Thermos and Thermos Mugs
286.Carved Wood Figure, 1.5" Decorative Vase, Wood Candle Holder
287.2 Jan Pugh Pottery Heart Dishes
288.Murano Flower, Decorative Boxes
289.2 Oriental Boxes
290.2 Folding Lawn Chairs
291.Harrah's Sizzling 7's Slot Machine (Turns on, Needs adjusted, Coins Just Drop Thru)
292.Toro 300 Air Rake
293.Oreck X-Tended Life Sweeper
294.Kirby G4 Tech Drive Sweeper with Attachments
295.Embassy USA Dishes
296.Hand Painted Japan Salad Set
297.Green Depression Cracker Jar (No Lid), Hungary Hand Painted Dish, Canister Set, Vase
298.Vintage Oak Frame with Black & White Photo
299.Antique Slaw Cutter
300.Oriental Art on Rice Paper
301.Arm & Hammer Soda Wood Crate Piece
302.Vintage Oak Frame with Watercolor
303.Vintage Fisher Price Pop-Up Kritter
304.Cuff Links, Stick Pin (Gold?, Not marked)
305.6' Aluminum Step Ladder
306.Titan and Icon Geox Golf Clubs and Bag
307.Callaway, Pinnacle, Titleist, Taylor Made, Top Flite, Pro-v and Other Golf Balls
308.Classic Honeycomb Graphite Slalom Ski
309.1880 Morgan Silver Dollar
310.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
311.1923 Peace Silver Dollar
312.1922 Silver Peace Dollar
313.1922 Silver Peace Dollar
314.Pittsburgh Steelers Kirkland 99 Jersey (Starter Size 52)
315.New Spring Petals Barbie, Precious Moments, Avon and Holiday Treasures Ornaments
316.Harley Davidson Leather Money Clip, Harley Davidson Belt Buckle, Winston Lighter, 1939 Ward LaFrance Die Cast Fire Truck, Advertising Key Chains, Twenty One Pilots Pin
317.Jeff Gordon #24 Cooler Pack, Winston Advertising Tumblers, Winston Bowling Team 1993 Watch, Detroit Tigers Baseball Cards, Tote
318.3 Log Splitting Wedges, 3 Heavy Duty Hammers
319.Vintage Hook Rug 44" x 24", Vintage Wool Rug 34" x 24"
320."Spirit Quest" Pendleton Woolen Mills Beaver State Indian Blanket 72" x 64"
321.Kashmir Black Floral Rug 70" x 48"
322.Vintage Stellar Petite Opera Binoculars
323.Tissot and Timex Vintage Watches, Vintage Pocket Knife, Watch Bands
324.Vintage Bulova and Elgin Ladies Watches 10K Gold Filled
325.10K Gold Gemstone Ring
326.Vintage Pocket Watch
327.Vintage Bulova 23 Jewels Self Winding (works) Mickey Mouse and Timex Watches
328.Jade and Gold Filled Necklaces, Cloisonne Pendant Necklace, Bracelet, Rose Beaded Necklace
329.2 Cameo Pins (Gold?, Not Marked or Tested)
330.Mother of Pearl "Mary" Pin, Jade and Other Brooches, Thimbles
331.Sterling, Cameo, Jade, Gemstone, Hand Painted and Other Earrings, National Dairy Safe Driver Pins, Tie Tack
332.Mysteria Pocket Watch (Chain could Be Silver, Not Tested)
333.Vintage Ladies Bulova Watch
334.Cameo Pin/Pendant with Diamond Accent (Could be Gold? Not Marked or Tested)
335.10K Gold Ring with Emerald Stone
336.10K Gold Ring with Emerald Stone
337.Vintage "The Ice Delivery Co." Ice Pick, Binoculars 8x21, Jewelry Box
338.Vintage Gemstone, Pearl and Rhinestone Brooches
339.14K Earrings, Sterling Clef Pins, Oriental, Black and Gemstone Cuff Links, Tie Tacks, Collar stays, Necklace, Dresser Box
340.Military Dog Tags, Advance Pen Watch, Pulsar Watch, Key Fobs, Piano Ornament, Silver Dollar Hotel Token
341.US Military Pins, Miniature Whistle, Dime Coin Bank, Rabbits Foot, Vintage Buttons, Tin Litho Alligator Noise Maker, Key Chain
342.4 Wind Chimes
343.Vintage Valentine Cards, 1 Vintage Christmas Card
344.Vintage Valentine Cards, 1 Greeting Card
345.Vintage Valentine Cards and Greeting Cards
346.Vintage Valentine Cards
347.Vintage Valentine Cards
348.Vintage Valentine Cards
349.Toledo Express Trolley Black & White Photo, Vintage Train Black & White Photo, Black & White Family Photo, Ka-See's Nite-Club Toledo Ephemera
350.Vintage Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards, Birth Cards
351.Vintage Valentine Cards
352.Vintage Monroe Theater Coming! Duel in the Sun in Technicolor Hat, Vintage Books (Better Homes & Garden Baby Book, Jesus Loves Me, Mother Bedtime Stories, Billy Whiskers, Friend of Jesus, 1920 The Angel of the Swamp)
353.Vintage Books (Prayers for the Little Ones, Little Black Sambo, Tabby Cat and Kitty Cat Make Friends with Billy Goat, Peggy's Christmas Box, German)
354.Vintage Black & White Photos, 1953 & 1954 Lotus Leaf Senior Issue
355.Vintage Baby Clothes, Baby Spoons, Pins, Shoes
356.Vintage Baby Sleeping Bag, Blanket, Clothes
357.Vintage Baby Clothes, Shoes, Cup
358.Nippon, Germany, Enesco and Other Hand Painted Cups & Saucers, Dishes
359.1930's Ladies Clutch, Early Grade Cards, Religious Smock, Autographs Books, Doll, Fur Collars, Crocheted Pot Holders, Sand Dollar, Misc
360.14K Gold Ring
361.14K Gold Ring with Stones, Bottom of Ring Cut
362.Pay Phone and Stand
363.Pay Phone and Stand
364.Pay Phone Parts and Stands
365.The Ultimate Mobile Work Station, caulk, paint rollers, Misc
366.Hyper Wave Shimano Aluminum Bike
367.3 Stools
368.Field Chalk Marker
369.Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar
370.New Rural Mail Box
371.Husky Work Bag, Baskets, Manger, Picnic Basket, Coke Bottles
372.Floor Lamp, Touch Lamp
373.Homelite and Black & Decker Electric Weed Trimmers
374.Post Hole Digger, Aerator, Kids Yard Tools
375.Bathroom Cabinet
376.Mirror, Lego Bench
377.Huffy Sea Star Bike
378.Technics DV Servo Turntable, Magnavox Stereo (No Speakers)
379.TV Stand
381.6 Metal Folding Chairs
382.Rhinestone Brooch 3.5" x 1.5"
383.Sterling Silver and Rhinestone Bracelet
384.Rhinestone Brooch 3" x 3" and Earring Set
385.Sheaffer Pen with Original Box
386.Rosary marked Italy (Possible Sterling? Not tested)
387.Vintage Stick Pin with Ruby Stone (Possible Gold? Not Marked, Not Tested)
388.Mother of Pearl Pocket Knife Marked USA and Zodiac Medallion Connected together on Chain
389.Assortment of Cuff Links
390.Gemstone Fashion Rings
391.Rhinestone, Gemstone, Pearl and Other Brooches and Collar Clip
392.Vintage Collar Clip, Necklaces, Bracelet
393.Caravelle Water Resistant Men's Watch
394.La Marque 17 Jewels Incabloc Men's Watch
395.Kent Girl's Bike
396.Schwinn Gremlin Boys Bike
397.Hand Painted Bucket, Wrought Iron Hanging Lamp, Galvanized Vase, Hallmark Keepsake Star Ornaments, Painted Glass Ornaments, New Candles, New Napkins, Holiday Plates, Crate & Barrel Mirrored Star Coasters, Metal Star Decoration, 15 DVD's with Stand, Signed Embroidery Religious Quote, Child's Painted Hanging Coat Hook Signed 1979 Mickey Martlock, 2 Decorative Christmas Frames, Shelf, Hand Painted Sun Catcher
398.Metal Angel Decoration, Birdhouse Welcome Decoration, 4 Bottles of Antifreeze, Green Velvet Retro Clog Shoes Size 9
399.Millefiori, Turquoise, Gemstone and Other Brooches
400.Rhinestone, Gemstone and Other Brooches

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