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Item Description
1.Brass Wall Light Fixture, 3-Bulb
2.Display Halogen Light Fixture, 3-Bulb
3.2-Oak & Brass Ceiling Light Fixture, 4-Bulb
4.Emeral Track Lighting Kit, Fixed, Model P8351W-new in box
5.Wood & Brass Chandelier, 5-Light, (1 broken light fixture)
6.4- Glass Globe Covers
7.Copper Colored Chandelier, 5-Light
8.Black Chandelier, 6-Candlestick Light
9.3-Porch Lights, Composite Material & Brass, Dual Chandestick Lights
10.2-Lamp Shades, Cream Color, 17"
11.Lamp Shade, Leaded Glass, 16" (no light support)
12.Vintage Lamp Shade, 13", Cream Color
13.2-Cross Bows (1 no name), Houshiueh Cross Bow & 1 pkg arrows
14.Paint Ball Gun, Piranha-R6
15.Butler Creek Rifle Scope cover, Standard & Convert-a-Mount Bracket
16.Martin Archery Longbow Bowstringer, Shooting Tab, 6-arrow tips & Montec 125gr stainless steel arrowheads
17.Rutt'n Buck Rattle Bag
18.Hardwood Grunter Deer Call
19.Easton Tocused Energy Axis Carbon Arrows, 6 in box
20.Easton Tocused Energy Axis Carbon Arrows, 6 in box
21.Tico Tool Outers Gun Cleaning Kit, for 12,16 gauge shotgun
22.Tico Tool Outers Gun Cleaning Kit, for 20 gauge shotgun
23.Bow, 5 arrows & Bowstring Wax
24.Gun Cleaning Items & Gun Lock
25.Lamp w/Lamp Shade, Good Condition, Cream Color
26.Everlast Boxing Gloves, Red, Size 16
27.TXO Technical Knockout Head Gear, Model #508DHG, size S/M
28.Iron Gym Profit Workout Bar, Stretch Band & Hand Grips (2)
29.Butler Creek Quick Carry Sling
30.Realtree Sportsman Light Weight Face Mask & Mossy Oak Gloves
31.Realtree Camo Beanie & Realtree Signature Camo Cap, Size L/XL
32.Armchair Material Pocket Duck, 11" long x 6" high
33.Camo Hunting Boots, Size 11
34.Football Pro Team Extended Life 5, Riddell Shoulder Pads
35.3-Tennis Rackets-Pro Kennex Blue Ace, Prince Play & Stay 27, Wilson Kids SpongeBob
36.Spalding Chrome Plated Horseshoes
37.Full size regulation Bowling Pin, "Happy Birthday"
39.Skateboard (1 bad wheel)
41.Croquet Set with Bag
42.Soccer Table Game (no ball)
43.Schutt Football Helmet
44.Lamp w/Shade Gold & Wood Base
45.Vintage Monopoly Game
46.Large 2' Exercise Ball, Los Angeles
47.Snow Jack Scooter by SIC, Black & Blue
48.Kitchen Set by The Step 2 Company
49.V Tech Train on wheels, 33" long, 2 Sections Engine & Seat
50.Kids Scooter, Blue, 22" long
51.Wilson Duffle Bag, green
52.Balls, Baseball Glove Softener, Blue Bat Carrier & Ball & Bat Wall Hanger
53.Top Paw Pet Carrier, Blue
54.Top Paw Pet Carrier, Blue
55.Top Paw Pet Carrier, Blue
56.Holmes Humidifier Model HM1746
57.Lab Tubing 10-1606B, 2-2050, 1-2025, 1-2002, 1-2004, 1-7900
58.5-Soccer Balls
59.3-Basketballs - Vela, Harlem Globegtrotter, Boops for Heart
60.Basketballs - Houston Rockets & Wilson
61.MacGregor Umpire Pad
62.Baiden Passback Football & Schoolyard Ball
63.Scooter, Razor, 24" long
64.Lewis & Clark's Montana, Corps of Discovery, KC Crystal in Case
65.3-Outdoor Plant Hooks, 1-59" & 2-30"
66.4-Outdoor Hooks, 3-Tree Hooks & 1 Plant Hook
67.Batman Mask, Rubber
68.Gold Pot, Candle Holder, Stone Staying "Autograph Your Work With Excellence"
69.Kids Pogo Stick, Pink, Alex
70.Cellophane Roll Cutter & Cellophane Roll
71.Doll, Mattel Baby Secret, Red Outfit, (tested works)
72.Doll, (parts missing)
73.Material Doll (dirty legs)
74.Mattel '68 Dancerina
75.Vintage Dressed Doll (clothes in rough condition)
76.'65 Bobble Head Live Lucy Doll, 20" FL20 (some dirty marks)
77.Mattel '60 Hawthrorne Calf Sister Belle, Pull String Talking Doll
78.4- Dolls
79.9-Craft Piece, Man Drinking
80.Adjustable Cane, Light weight aluminum
81.Raggedy Ann & Andy
82.Kitchen Aid Superba Built In Convenction Oven and Microwave
83.Jenn Air Counter Top Electric Stove Top
84.Crown Mek Methylethylketone Specialty Solvent, 1 gal
85.3 Bottles-Alkalin Drain Cleaner, Kustom Kare
86.Sharp Air Purifier FP-R30CX (no remote)
87.Spanish Dancing Doll, Vintage Marin Chiclana?
88.Honeywell Air Purifier
89.Men's Shoes, Black, Size 11 D
90.Men's Shoes, Black, Size 11 D
91.Men's Shoes, Black, Size 11 D
92.Men's Shoes, Black, Size 11 D
93.Men's Shoes, Black, Puritan, Size 9 1/2
94.Men's Shoes, Tan, Mauri, Size 13 Exotic Mauri Italian Men's Sneaker tan Material: Crocodile / Nappa Leather with silver Crocodiles Made in Italy
95.Men's Shoes, Black, George, Size 9 1/2
96.Men's Shoes, Black w/white stripes, Sneakers, Adidas, Size 11 1/2
97.Men's Shoes, Black, Buffalino Metro, Size 14
98.Men's Shoes, Tan, SAO, Size 14 M
99.Men's Rubber Overshoes, Black, LaCrosse, Size 11
100.Men's Work Shoes, Black, Zoot Lugz, Size 14
101.Men's Boots, Dark Brown, Work One IMET, Size 9 M
102.Men's Boots, Black, Brahma, Size 9 1/2
103.Men's Boots, Insulated Water Resistant, Vikings, Size 13E
104.Women's Shoes, Burgundy, Rockport Limited Edison, Size 8 1/2 M
105.Women's Shoes, White, Baby Phat, Size 8 1/2
106.Women's Shoes, White, Rockport Limited Edision, Size 8 1/2
107.Women's Shoes, Brown, Size 8 1/2
108.Women's Boots, Heels, Brown, RocaWear, Size 9
109.Women's Boots, Heels, Tan, Bandolino, Size 11
110.Women's Shoes, Blue, Nike, Size 6 1/2
111.Women's Shoes, Heels, Black, w/Fringe, Size 9
112.Women's Boots, Heels, Low Cut, Brown, Size 9
113.Women's Shoes, Black, Naturalizer, Size 8 1/2 M
114.Women's Shoes, Heels, Silver, Size 10
115.Women's Shoes, Brown, Skechers, Size 8
116.Women's Boots, Heels, Pink w/Fur Size 9 M
117.Women's Shoes, Heels, Floral, Ankle Strap, Size 10 M
118.Women's Shoes, Heels, Black, The Touch of Mima, Size 10 M
119.Women's Shoes, Platform Heels, Tan, Bumper, Size 10
120.Women's Shoes, Platform Heels, Brash, Safari Print, Size 10
121.Women's Shoes, Heels, Dark Brown, Open Back & Toe, Size 9
122.Women's Boots, Heels, Brown, Size 10
123.Hat, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Veterans
124.Women's Boots, Black, Size 10 ?
125.Women's Shoes, Platform, Black, Pepe Jeans, toe separators, Size 10 ?
126.Women's Shoes, Sandals, Brown, George, Size 9
127.Women's Shoes, Sandals, Gold, Wild Rose, toe separators, Size 10 ?
128.Women's Belt, Black
129.Attention Women's Purse, Dark Burgundy
130.Women's Purse, Brown
131.Avon Women's Purse, Red
132.Women's Purse, Purple w/makeup bag
133.Women's Purse, Brown, Tommy Hilfiger
134.Women's Purse, Gold
135.Women's Purse, Pink Clutch, one sided sequins
136.Bueno Women's Purse, Dark Brown, w/Chain Strap
137.Women's Purse, Cream Clutch
138.Women's Purse, Tan and Brown
139.Women's Purse, Brown w/Red Trim
140.Women's Purse, Red
141.Women's Purse, Pink w/Chain Strap
142.Women's Purse, Red
143.Houbigant Women's Purse, Tan, w/Detachable Strap
144.Women's Purse, Olive Green, Nine West
145.Women's Purse, Pink
146.Vera Wang Women's Purse, Black
147.Women's Purse, Black
148.Women's Purse, Black, Small
149.Women's Purse, Black, Small
150.Women's Purse, Black, Small, w/Chain Strap
151.Dream Out Loud Women's Purse, Black, Small
152.Women's Purse, Black
153.Women's Purse, Black
154.Women's Purse, Black
155.Kenneth Cole Women's Purse, Black
156.Women's Purse, Black
157.Gloves, Brown, Vinyl Leather, Size Large
158.Gloves, Ladies, Red, Long, Size Large
159.Gloves, Ladies, Black, Long, Size Large
160.5 Belts, Ladies, Size 30, 3-Brown, 1-White, 1-Gray
161.80-Stamps, Sugar Ray Robinson, 39 cents Face value $31.20
162.Belt, Ladies, 25"-40" Stretch
163.Belts, Ladies, 1-light brown, 1-Pink
164.Family Tree Time Capsule, "The Ark to the Future" in can
165.Jewelry Tree, Black
166.4-Sun Glasses w/case
167.Sewing Machine Accessories (in box)
168.3 Wicker Baskets, small
169.Crock Pot, Continental
170.Crock Pot, Decorated with Owls
171.Glass Container, Large, Round
172.Glass Container, Large, Square
173.Glass Container, Large, Square
174.Hat/Cap, Scala Pronto
175.Hat/Cap, NFL, Annco FRAM, Tiger Logo, Cream w/Black Bill
176.Hat/Cap, Green Bay Packers, Moden, Genuine Leather, Black
177.Hat/Cap, Annco, Auto Light Motor Sports, White w/Black Bill
178.Hat/Cap, Freightliner, Brown
179.Hat/Cap, Hunting, w/Bill, Bright Orange
180.Hat/Cap, USA 2000, w/Flag, Tan
181.Hat/Cap, Sox, 59 Fifty, Genuine Merchandise, Black
182.Hat/Cap, Red Wings, White & Black
183.Hat/Cap, Detroit, 59 Fifty, New Era, Genuine Merchandise, Dark Blue
184.Hat/Cap, A, Genuine Merchandise, Blue & Red
185.3 - Hat/Caps, 2-Black, 1-Green Bay Packers Visor
186.Hat/Caps, 1-Blue, 1-Red, 1-Green, 1-Tan
187.2 Hat/Caps, Freightliners, Brown
189.Hat/Caps, LA, Black & White
190.Attache Case, Heritage, Leather
191.Light, 12v, Blue Eye 3000
192.Fireplace, Gas Logs, Light Weight
193.Camping Pan w/dish & Utencils, 4 piece
194.2-Conversion Kits, Convert standard soda bottles to pet watering bottles
195.Coleman Fuel, 2 cans one Full one under half full
196.Jewelry Box
197.Dolls, Material, Amish w/no face
198.Award Ribbons, 8-1st Place, 10-2nd Place & 12-3rd Place
199.10-Tins, decorative
200.4-Waste Baskets, 1 white & 3 Gray
201.CD Cases, tote
202.Neon Undercar Kit, 4 Tube, Red (1 Short Tube does not work)
203.DVD Cases, tote
204.Neck Pillow, Battery Operated, HoMedics Vibration Neck Massager w/Heat NMSQ216H2
205.Jewelry Box
206.Wood Hanger w/12 Hooks & Jewelry Box
207.Garden Deco, Tale of Despereaux Lunch Box, 9 Lanyards w/swivel hook, Cross, TempGage, Light
208.3-Wicker Baskets w/ 1 lid
209.Wood Shelf & Black Hanging Basket w/chain
210.Candle Holder, Crystal Lotus (in box)
211.Champagne Glasses, long stems, Diamonds by I.Godinger (in box)
212.Wooden Hanging Rack
213.Fish Bowl, Clear Glass & Clear Glass Oil Lamp (no chimney)
214.2-Glass Globes, Large
215.1 Glass Bowl & 2 glass hurricane lamp shades
216.Wedding Cake Knife & Server & Crystal Clock (battery operated)
217.Ceramic Heater, Calore
218.Wedding Ringbear Pillow, small
219.Paper Notebooks
220.Wicker Mirror, white & plaque "Home, Family…"
221.Suitcase, Black, Forecast, Small
222.Bowl w/plant insert, Short Stem, Wysocki (in box)
223.Bowl w/plant insert, Long Stem, Wysocki
224.Gravy Boat & Tea Pot, Sterling Silver
225.3-Rolling Pins, Wooden
226.Iron w/stand, small
227.Rare Ceramic Christmas Tree, 11" x 17"
228.Meat/Food Grinder
229.Meat/Food Chopper w/attachments, Universal
230.Meat/Food Grinder
231.Sign Marquee, Black, The Produx Company
232.2 Phone Album 4x6 pics, 1 Magnetic Sm Frame, 1 Bear Sm Frame, 1 Ashley Clair 4x6 frame
233.Picture Frames, 1-11x14, 2-8x10, 1-4x6 & 1-Divided
234.10 Picture Frames, Brass, Variety of Sizes
235.4-Picture Frames, 8x10,metal
236.3 Picture Frames, Wedding Frames
237.5 Picture Frames, Double Sided 4x6
238.3 Picture Frames, 8x10, European clip, New
239.2 Picture Frames, Fishing Frame Collages
240.2-Shadow Boxes
241.7 Picture Frames, Metal Variety
242.12 Picture Frames, Variety
243.4 1-6x4 Black "Faith, Hope...", 1-Collage "Family...", 2- 3.5x3.5 Frames
244.3 - "Life is Not Measured...", Learn From Yesterday..." "Be Strong..."
245.2 Pictures, 1-Mirror w/Lilies & 1-"The Cup & the Water"
246.2 - Picture Frames, Collage, 1-Gold holds 15 photos & 1-Black holds 3 photos
247.Men's Jeans, Lee, 36x30, Black
248.Men's Jeans, Wrangler, 36x30, Light Blue
249.Men's Jeans, Dockers, 36x30, Blue
250.Men's Jeans, Wrangler, 36x30, Black
251.Bib Overalls, Olive, Style #247, 3x
252.Men's Jeans, Brittania, 36x30, Light Blue
253.54-Blue Women’s shirts, New 5-XS, 14-S, 5-M, 7-L, 8-XL, 5-XXL, 5-3XL, 5-4XL, Blue long Sleeve Ts
254.Stuffed Animal, ET
255.Stuffed Animal, Bull Dog, Gray Wearing Suit & Hat
256.2-Stuffed Animal, Pound Puppies, Brown
257.Mary Poppins Doll (damage on nose)
258.Stuffed Baby Doll with Hat & Diaper
259.6-Stuffed Animals; Beanie Babies, (5) TY, & 1 Pound Puppy
260."Little Bo Beep" Milk Bottle Doll
261.Stuffed Doll, Disney Moana
262.Lolly Loopsy Doll, Yarn Hair, Pink
263.5-Stuffed Animals, Chihuahua, Panda, TY 1999 Bear, Moose Bounty on Horse, Bear
264.2-Stuffed Animals, Disney Simba w/Bell & Brown Dog w/Scarf
265.Stuffed Bear, Detroit Piston Shirt
266.Stuffed Bear, Detroit Piston Shirt
267.Stuffed Bear, Ohio State Shirt
268.Stuffed Bear, Bowling Green, Girl w/Bow, Orange & Brown Dress, Large
269.Stuffed Bear, Bowling Green, Orange & Brown Onesie, Large
270.Stuffed Pillow/Bear, Michigan State
271.Stuffed Bear, 76ers, Blue & Red PJs w/Hat (tear in foot)
272.Stuffed Bear, Baltimore Orioles Shirt w/hat, Major League Baseball
273.Stuff Bear, S, Green & White Shirt
274.6-Toy Water Guns & 1 Foam Squirt Gun
275.4-Toys, Hummer (works), Musical Turtle (works), Truck & beanball
276.2-Toys, Talking Pear Key Chain & Fishing Reel Game (works)
277.2-Sharpie Radio Control Nascars (new)
278.Robot Dog, Dalmatian, Tekno (tested, works)
279.4-Hockey Sticks, Practice, Vintage
280.4-Hockey Sticks, Practice, Vintage
281.4-Hockey Sticks, Practice
282.3-Hockey Sticks, Practice
283.Mirror, Brown, 27"x43"
284.Mirror, Brown, 28"x45" (Leg Broke)
285.Mirror, Dark Brown, Open 44"x48", Closed 30"x48"
286.Mirror, 30"x36" (no frame)
287.Mirror, Black, 41"x 35"
288.Mirror, Brown, 30"x36"
289.Jewelry Cabinet w/Mirror, 48"x14.5"x4"
290.Chair, Wooden
291.School Desk w/attached Chair & School Desk Chair
292.Chair, Black
293.Chair, Black
294.Chair, Wood, White, Back 39"(h), Seat 24"(h)
295.2-Chair, Black, Back 34", Seat 24"
296.Chair, Wood
297.Chair, Wood
298.Chair, Wood
299.Stool, Wooden
300.Side Table, Dark Brown, Wood, 20"x26"
301.Side Table, Cherry Wood, 24"x22"
302.2-End Tables, Brown, 18"x24"
303.Side Table, Wood w/Drawers, 20"x27"
304.Side Table, w/Glass Top, 24"x24"
305.Side Table, 6-sided, Wood, w/Cabinet, 26"x30"
306.Chair, Wood, Back 41"(h), Seat 30"(h)
307.Table Chest, Dark Brown, 45"w x 23"d x 37"h
308.Sweeper, Hand Held, Oreck XL, no Attachments
309.Sweeper, Eureka Contour, Canister w/hose, no Extra Attachments
310.Fabric Steamer
311.Sweeper, Upright, Oreck XL
312.Table, Small, White, 24"x20"
313.Table, Small, Black w/Glass Top, 21"x21"
314.Table, Round, Small, w/Glass Top, 22"
315.Bed No Frame, Queen, Black, Head & Foot Only
316.Bed Frame, Brown, 54"x36", Foot Only
317.Bed Frame, Chocolate Brown, Full
318.Window Tops, Black, Material, 2-36"x15"x6", 1-36"x18"x6.5"
319.6-Games, (some pieces may be missing)
320.6-Games, (some pieces may be missing)
321.2-Games, The Uncle Wiggily Game, Uno & Star Wars Valentines
322.Slot Car Track, 100 Pieces
323.Wooden Blocks, 50
324.Boots, Girls, Size 10
325.Boots, Girls, Gymboree, Black w/fur trim & zipper, Size 8-9
326.Boots, Boys, Tan, SmartFit, Waterproof, Size 13
327.Shoes, Girls, Crocks, Pink Size 11-13
328.Boots, Boys, Tan w/Zipper Size 6
329.Shoes, Girls, Sketchers, Size 9 Light up
330.Pack 'n Play, Cosco
331.1-Precious Moments Collection, God Loveth A Cheerful Giver, #1630Y 1-Bradford Exchange 1996, In the Shadow of El Capitan, #1157A
332.18-Guitar Magazines
333.Photos, Michael Jordan(3), Beavis & Butthead(1), Snoop Doggy Dogg(1), Ren & Stimpy(2)
334.Framed Phish, 14", Belkin Presents, Cleveland State University Convocation Center This was a center fold from Guitar World Magazine
335.42- Guitar Magazines 1-Guitar Legends- Led Zeppelin Special ed. 1-Shar Magazine, Guitar Player Magazine 10-2005, 7-2006, 1 2007, 12-2008, 10- 2009
336.Simply Guitar Book & DVD, New
337.Dragon, Red, 12" tall
338.Dragon, Blue, 12" tall w/box
339.Canon CR-180 Check Reader ImageFormula
340.Canon CR-180 Check Reader ImageFormula
341.Manual Adding Machine, Burroughs, Vintage some keys stick may be other issues But a neat old item
342.Electric Adding Machine, Burroughs, Vintage some keys stick and broken may be other issues untested But a neat old item
343.Baby Bottle Sterilizer, Hankscraft Automatic Electric
344.Pop Corn Popper, Vintage
345.Super Bowl XIV, Rose Bowl, Jan 20, 1980
346.Super Bowl X, Orange Bowl, Jan 18, 1976
347.Super Bow XIII, Orange Bow, Jan 21, 1979
348. Super Bowl XIX, Stanford Stadium, Jan 20, 1985
349.American Bald Eagle Stein Series, Anheuser Busch, Inc. "Spring", 11560
351.Ear Buds w/case
352.Range Finder, 75 yards, TLR Ranging
353.Fish Plastic Platter & Bowl
354.Gavel, Wooden, 12"
355.Rare Burger King Digital Watch, Plankton, & 2 Sponge Bob Ball Point Pens
356.Keg Pump
357.Dog's Shirt, Michigan Wolverines, Leather Leash & Brush
358.Pool Air Pillow, 4'x8', New
359.Zippo Lighter & Hand Warmer
360.Gas Grill w/Propane Tank
361.Gas Grill (or Charcoal), No Propane Tank (missing wheels), 65"
362.2-Wooden Mail Racks
363.Men's Toiletry Kit w/Case, includes Toothbrush, Scissors, Clippers, Razor, Comb, Nail Clippers & more
364.Purse, Lewis, Black w/Gold Trim, 10"
365.Wendy's "Dave, The Rags to Rich-and-Famous Story of a Burger Baron" Columbus Monthly Magazine
366.Rand McNally Map Pak
367.Model General Dynamics F111A Aardvark, Force One, 1/144 Model Kit AMT
368.Model Richard Petty STP Grand Prix, 1/25 Model Kit AMT
369.Kodak Film Chevrolet, 1/25 Model Kit AMT
370.Motocraft Thunderbird, 1/25 Model Kit AMT
371.Bike Parts
372.Bike Parts
373.Bike Parts
374.Bike Parts
375.Bike FS Pro BCA, Free Style
376.Girl's Bike Murray Street Cycle, Blue
377.Girl's Bike Country Spirit Huffy, Blue & Pink
378.Girl's Bike, Huffy, Blue & Pink
379.Girl's Bike Helmet
380.Vintage Pricer
381.Plastic Pot & Galvanized Bucket
382.Tool Case with Miscellaneous Technical Tools
383.Tool Case with Miscellaneous Technical Tools
384.Gas Can
385.Singer Sewing Machine in Case
386.6-Blackberry Travel Chargers
387.Light Up Sign,Double sided, Saville 37x10x4
388.2-Oak Wood, 90.5x13x1
389.2-Oak Wood, 66.5x19x1
390.Oak Wood, 90.5x21x1
391.Oak Wood Cabinet, 36x18x6.5
392.5-Solid Maple Wood, 2-42x3x3/4, 1-42x4.25x3/4, 1-42x2 1/8x 3/4
393.14-Wood, Finished Sides & 1 end, 21x22x3/4
394.7-Wood, Finished Both Sides & End, 21x16x3/4
395.2-Wood,Finished 2 sides & Edge, 21x16 3/4x3/4 & 21x18x3/4
396.Rattan Table with Glass Top, 36" Round Glass (Chips in Glass Edge)
397.2 Tubes-Permatex Sensor-Safe Blue RTV Silicone Gasket Maker, 12oz
398.2 Cans - Dynatex Disc Brake Quiet, 9oz
399.2 Cans - Dynatex Disc Brake Quiet, 9oz
400.2 Cans - Dynatex Disc Brake Quiet, 9oz
401.2 Cans - Dynatex Disc Brake Quiet, 9oz
402.2 Cans - Dynatex Disc Brake Quiet, 9oz
403.2 Cans - All Purpose Spray Adhesive 10.5 oz
404.2 Cans - All Purpose Spray Adhesive 10.5 oz
405.2 Cans - All Purpose Spray Adhesive 10.5 oz
406.2 Cans - All Purpose Spray Adhesive 10.5 oz
407.2 Cans - All Purpose Spray Adhesive 10.5 oz
408.2 Cans - All Purpose Spray Adhesive 10.5 oz
409.2 Cans - Copper Spray, 9 oz
410.2 Cans - Copper Spray, 9 oz
411.2 Cans - Copper Spray, 9 oz
412.2 Cans - Copper Spray, 9 oz
413.2 Cans - Copper Spray, 9 oz
414.2 Cans - High Tack Spray-A-Gasket Sealant Sellador, 4.75 oz
415.2 Cans - High Tack Spray-A-Gasket Sealant Sellador, 4.75 oz
416.2 Cans - High Tack Spray-A-Gasket Sealant Sellador, 4.75 oz
417.2 Cans - High Tack Spray-A-Gasket Sealant Sellador, 4.75 oz
418.2 Cans - High Tack Spray-A-Gasket Sealant Sellador, 4.75 oz
419.2 Cans - High Tack Spray-A-Gasket Sealant Sellador, 4.75 oz
420.Vintage Dressed Doll (clothes in rough condition) w/purple flower at waist

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